Comprehension guides a successful customer engagement strategy

As any marketer can tell you, even those with the most effective customer engagement strategy can fail due to the lack of learning on a constant basis. While execution is important and often times the priority, insights and reporting should be equally important if not ranked even higher.

Create transparency into marketing performance

It’s harder coming up with the questions to ask, and what we want to learn about through mining the rich data available at your fingertips. You don’t need to overthink how you go about developing those reports and dashboards you always wanted. Instead, you can entrust that task to our experts here at Covalent. Familiar with each of the common reports required by marketing, either focused on your operations or directly on your marketing performance, we can deliver platforms that efficiently display the insights you need. Having all of this information in an easy to decipher format results in a shorter time to determine where changes are needed as well as an advancement of other metrics you may want to measure.

Self-service access to customer engagement metrics

Remember the days when you submitted a request into your IT department to have a reported developed? If that process even still exists for your organization, it is important to efficiency alone that it be updated. Marketing should allow for the ability to self-serve when it comes to developing both reports and dashboards. You know your business and metrics best, and having to explain the needs to an IT department isn’t going to save you any time or stress in the long run. At covalent we know how to help you make this happen from a process and technology perspective.

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