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The use of technology to support analytics, marketing automation, marketing operations, and customer engagement platforms are critical in delivering a personalized customer experience. When utilized correctly, the implementation of such systems will enable your organization to generate greater insights while simultaneously improving efficiency and ultimately providing your team with the opportunity to achieve your business goals and objectives.

IBM Watson Customer Engagement Solutions

Enabling for the delivery of an exceptional experience throughout the customer's entire journey, IBM Watson Marketing solutions has robust capabilities with an open integration platform. It utilizes data collected from customer interactions and provides analytical insight as well as automation of your personalization strategies.

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A ideal solution when it comes to managing your marketing communications, Allocadia will help you standardize how you approach managing your marketing operations . By eliminating manual processes and allowing for easy integration with your financial systems, use of the Allocadia platform will ultimately result in a streamlined communication hierarchy and a greater efficiency of communication between department. In addition to the marketing planning and budgeting processes being made easier, implementation of Allocadia will grant you an unprecedented level of visibility into your current marketing performance, allowing you to make decisions on a much more strategic level and ultimately drive more revenue as you manage your marketing investments and returns.

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Aprimo Marketing Operations

A marketing operations solution that will provide you with the ability to make informed decisions and ultimately implement new and improved strategies that will maximize your spending, efficiency and profits. Featuring comprehensive views of your marketing activities, with Aprimo Marketing Operations your team will be able to easily collaborate on every project and manage everything from planning and workflow to marketing assets, and all with a single intuitive product.

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Tableau Software

Perfect for bringing an added level of transparency to your marketing performance, Tableau Software utilizes reports and interactive dashboards to keep informed of your marketing effectiveness in real time. With dashboards that can be developed based on meeting the needs of specific roles within your organization, Tableau is perfect for everyone from executives and managers to analysts and techs.

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Aginity Amp

With the implementation of Aginity Amp's software, combining your data and your math has never been easier. Providing complete control over your analytics, their software provides ease of investigation, sharing, continual reuse of collected information regardless of location, authorship, or specific application.

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