August 11, 2016

8 Marketing Technology Cornerstones to Make You A Savvy Marketer

Today’s empowered and enlightened consumers are challenging the basic tenets and underlying infrastructure of marketing. The days of “push it out and they will come” are long gone, replaced by an environment in which the customer controls almost every aspect of the conversation. The times, places, media and methods of contact are increasingly at the whim of the recipient, who more than ever, can tune out any organization that does not play by his or her rules. Marketing organizations are working hard to transform their business models to meet these rapidly changing consumer preferences. In fact, marketing has experienced a higher rate of disruption over the past decade than in any previous ten-year period. And as technology continues to evolve, the rate of change will only increase. Apple’s Apple Pay, and the commitment of Chase, Wells Fargo, and Fifth Third to support and integrate with it, is but one example of the concurrent acceleration of technology and marketing. Looking ahead, as the pace of change continues to increase, marketing organizations will need to establish a solid foundation for change – a set of core competencies, or cornerstones, that will enable marketing to stay at the pace of consumer behavior that is constantly changing and, at times, chaotic. This foundational blueprint for marketing from Covalent Marketing provides a path forward that will enable insightful marketing organizations to capitalize on the congruent changes in customer behavior and advancing technology.