May 17, 2016

Getting Marketing Resource Management Right: Advice For Marketers, From Marketers

Today’s world is more connected than ever before. The combination of Internet users – more than 2.1 billion worldwide – and the growing proliferation of devices, data, applications and tools has empowered the individual consumer and paved the way for each individual to embark upon his or her unique digital journey. The consumer today has the capability to interact across a broad scope of businesses, communities, friends and peers.
While we, as marketers, have embraced this empowered consumer, many of us have yet to find the wherewithal to join him. We have increased our ability to create personal communications. We are transitioning from “owning” media and creating impressions to earning “mentions,” “Tweets”, “likes” and “shares.” But even as we make our forays into the hyper-connected digital universe, we find ourselves encumbered by time-worn and increasingly ineffective marketing planning and project management processes and methodologies.

Covalent Marketing, in partnership with our client, Allstate, offer marketers advice on the 7 key imperatives necessary for effective MRM integration In this 2012 whitepaper.