June 11, 2016

Reclaiming Marketing Innovation: The Modern CMO Imperative

The marketplace is changing, and as fickle as demand has become, today’s must-have product can become tomorrow’s bargain-basement special.

However, one universal truth is emerging: to outperform in a complex, shifting and ever-so-competitive environment, innovation must become the lifeblood of differentiation and success. That’s not to say operational efficiency is not important; it is. No doubt operational efficiency “keeps the lights on.” But in today’s fast-changing world, it is innovation that provides new lights to turn on.

Innovation should be at – or at least near – the top of almost every enterprise’s list of needs. It is the catalyst that can boost organizations to customer- focused excellence. On the flip side, failure to innovate can hurl a company down a perilous path.

You have a choice.

In this report, we will examine in detail the benefits and drivers of innovation, and how CMOs can capitalize on them. We will dissect the practices of innovation Leaders – and reveal what separates them from Onlookers. We will provide specific competencies the CMO needs to be able to drive innovation. We will provide examples, ideas and quick starts. And we will give specific recommendations about how to progress along the path forward. Our insights come from our considerable experience in the marketplace and in-depth conversations we had with more than 50 CMOs, strategists and market leaders. We combed executive ranks and reports for detail on the current and emerging marketplace. We spent time with academics and thought leaders to develop a perspective for you that will help you set out on your own innovation journey.