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Deliver best-in-class omnichannel customer experiences and achieve your marketing automation goals.

As Leaders in Acoustic Consulting Services, We Make Marketing Automation Dreams a Reality. 

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As one of Acoustic’s most prominent strategic services partners, Covalent Marketing has a proven track record of helping organizations of all sizes establish and grow their digital marketing capabilities to connect 1:1 with customers in an ever-changing omnichannel world.

Our experience and background with the Acoustic platform spans well over a decade, from its origin as Silverpop through its evolution as IBM Watson Campaign Automation to the solutions you know today. We’ve seen it all!

Your Trusted Acoustic Partners

No matter where you are in your Acoustic journey, our services are designed to ensure you get the most out of your technology investment and evolve your digital marketing strategies and capabilities to expert levels:

Content Start

Our Acoustic Services

Onboard & Educate

Accelerate and streamline your Acoustic implementation (or transition). Our experienced experts will steer your team through the end-to-end process, empowering them to realize value quickly and painlessly. 

Launch & Enhance Channels

Whether you are just getting started or are looking to enhance current SMS, Push, and/or Email strategies, we understand how to help you maximize the value these channels have to offer.

Develop Key Data Integrations

Whether it's integrating Acoustic Campaign with your CRM, utilizing the Acoustic Exchange, or custom real-time data API development, our expert architects and developers will effectively deliver on your technical and integration requirements. 

Augment My Staff

Are you missing a special skillset or have a gap in current talent? Our team can ideate, design, build, test, and launch your campaigns across channels, as well as manage your data and segmentation as an extension of your team.

Establish, Manage, and Expand Your Acoustic Platform

Whether you are getting started with Acoustic or enabling new features, our services will help your organization make the most out of the platform and empower your team to continued success.

Evolve Your Communication and Personalization Strategies

At this point in your journey, Acoustic is a critical part of your MarTech stack. Take it to the next level by strategically aligning content, customer experience, and insights. Expanding the impact of your marketing is critical for reaching the right customer, with the right communication, at the right time.  

Customer Journey Strategy

Whether truly omnichannel or cross-channel, coordinating manual, fully integrated and ad hoc mediums can be tricky. We will help you redesign and optimize your customer journey utilizing integration and automation best practices across channels to deliver a seamless and enhanced customer-centric experience. 

Maximize Acoustic Content

More and more emphasis is placed on customer centricity and personalization. Let our experts help you create easily manageable and consistent experiences across all online channels. We will work with you to define a content strategy, create and manage content models, and execute content to meet your stated goals. 

Improve Insights & Reporting

Customizing Performance Insights dashboards can transform your metrics from a basic reporting center to a deeper dive into actionable insights for your future campaigns. Our deliverability experts help you measure the value of your campaigns in a single, sharable view, and educate your organization on the value these reports will provide.

Maximize Your Acoustic Build, Execution, and Utility

Make the most out of your Acoustic investment. Your journey shouldn’t end with a a strong implementation and strategy. We leverage our deep relationship with Acoustic to deliver services to help your organization address key tactics to continue to maximize your Acoustic ROI. 

Improve Email Deliverability 

Are you reaching everyone you could be? Ensure your emails are reliably getting to inboxes and not spam filters. Our in-depth assessment of your email and IP configurations and practices will maximize your email marketing effectiveness and contribute to more engaging campaigns. 

Enhance Acoustic Programs & Personalization

You know your customer best. Let us help you level-up your programs to create more personalized, dynamic, omnichannel customer experiences.  We leverage our combination of Acoustic program design expertise and enhancing your templates to drive dynamic content in message composer or classic builder to achieve the best results.

Health Checks & Optimization

Never settle for less than the best. Our team can ensure  that you are using Acoustic to its full potential with our expert assessment based on our deep experience with the technology and best practices. 

Customize Acoustic Forms & Landing Pages

Make it easier for your customers to engage in a seamless experience. Our experts understand the most effective ways to enable and integrate custom forms and landing pages for you to utilize as preference centers, event registrations, campaigns, websites, and more.

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Acoustic Strategy
Acoustic Execution

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