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Incremental improvements toward modern marketing tactics.

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Be At the Right Place At the Right Time

Anticipating and responding to the needs of your customers requires that you utilize a marketing ecosystem to serve the right content at the right time. Covalent ensures that your ecosystem is appropriately integrated and responsive to provide customers with a personalized and effective experience.

Know Where Your Communication Gaps Lie

Covalent takes a deep dive into every interaction point along your customer’s journey to find where customers most engage and drop off, to what data is collected or missing, expose opportunities to improve your customer’s experience, capture more pertinent information, and move customers to next stage of your sales or conversion cycles.

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Focus on What Matters

Your team of marketers is best served when they are focused on strategic goals. Covalent automates your marketing execution process to relieve strain on data science, and enable marketers to be more personal, creative, and time sensitive when communicating with customers.

Services and Capabilities

Customer Journey

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We find gaps and opportunities for better customer interactions through evaluating each stage of your customer’s journey. Using an evolved approach to omnichannel contact strategies, our experts help you focus on meeting customers where they are to ensure relevant and purposeful interactions.

Mobile and
SMS Marketing

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Through our proven methodology, we enable you to deliver optimized mobile communications to your customers from push notifications to SMS, to in-app experiences. Our team offers mobile customer experience design and technical implementation of mobile communication solutions.


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We help you determine strategies that put the appropriate data and marketing execution technology together. We implement solutions to quickly deliver value to you and your customers across channels such as email, SMS, and mobile marketing strategies, and the content which supports it.

and Deliverability

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We take an in-depth look your email program and infrastructure to help identify issues that may be limiting audience engagement and preventing you from maximizing ROI for your business.

Marketing Insights and Reporting

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The key to strong marketing is actionable insights. We enable your organization to determine the success of your marketing interactions, next best actions, and opportunities through the intersection of campaign performance insights, marketing investment insights, and marketing operations insights.


Customer Service Agent and Delivery Truc

We provide leading distributed marketing solutions for brands and their multi-location resellers in local markets. In one easy-to-use platform, tap into marketing automation technology, local marketing execution, Co-Op funds management and integrated marketing analytics to drive more local sales.

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“I could not have asked for a better partner. They have staffed Covalent, with extremely talented individuals that come ready to work, and work through projects with a truly consultative approach."  

- Joe Nettum, Sr. Manager Marketing Operations, a Fortune 500 Financial Services Company 

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