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Enable powerful real-time engagement to reach your customer centric goals

Braze Services Designed to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

Covalent aligns deep data, process, and technology knowledge with the strength of the Braze platform to bring your organization best-in-class customer interactions to drive customer engagement and increase transactions at scale.

Our Braze Services

Establish, Manage, and Expand Your Braze Platform

Whether you are just getting started with Braze or exploring new platform capabilities, we understand how to support your organization to make the most out of Braze and empower your team for continued success.

Onboard & Educate

Accelerate and streamline your Braze implementation with our custom services for transition plans, implementation, and hands-on onboarding and education.

Develop Key Data Integrations

Regardless of your current data architecture, we can help you develop a scalable data streaming solution, enable Braze Currents, and identify custom or standard integrations through SDK or API to create the most robust Live 360 profiles. 

Orchestrate Channels

Leverage Braze’s comprehensive cross-channel customer engagement platform to create mobile-first messaging using real-time experiences to reach your customers when it matters. Within a single interface you can orchestrate responsive, personalized experiences for Mobile and Web Push, In-App and In-Browser Messages, Content Cards, Email, and SMS. 

Augment My Staff

Are you missing a special skillset or have a gap in current talent? Our team can ideate, design, build, test, and launch your campaigns across channels, as well as manage your data and segmentation as an extension of your team.

Evolve Your Communication and Personalization Strategies

Your customers are top priority. Leverage creative customer engagement strategies to meet them at the right time and place and grow your relationship at your preferred pace. 

Maximize Your Content

More and more emphasis is placed on customer centricity and personalization. Let our experts help you create easily manageable and consistent experiences across all online channels. We will work with you to define a content strategy, create and manage content models, and execute content to meet your stated goals. 

Dynamic Personalization

Elevate your personalization to new heights with Liquid scripting. Our team can help to identify use cases and apply this scripting language to create messages that ensure your campaigns feel like personal, valuable contributions to your customers. 

Customer Journey Strategy

Whether truly omnichannel or cross-channel, coordinating manual, fully integrated and ad hoc mediums can be tricky. We will help you redesign and optimize your customer journey in Braze Canvas utilizing integration and automation best practices across channels to deliver a seamless and enhanced customer-centric experience. 

Maximize Your Braze ROI

To ensure you are getting the most out of Braze, Covalent offers services to expand your use of tool capabilities and learn ways to apply best practices.

Custom Landing Pages & Forms

Custom forms and landing pages add an interactive layer to your customer experience. Gain additional insights to add to your Live 360 Profiles collected through the use of preference centers and event registrations, branded for your campaigns, website, and more.

Canvas Enhancements 

Take your omnichannel messaging to the next level in Braze Canvas. We leverage a combination of experience, strategy and platform expertise to show you how to create a multi-message, cohesive, personalized journey and then optimize those experiences using comprehensive analytics.

Improve Deliverability 

Make sure your emails are reliably getting to inboxes and not spam filters through an in-depth assessment of your email and IP configurations and practices to maximize your email marketing effectiveness. 

Predictive Marketing Strategy 

Wondering what to do with all that data and who to actually target? We understand how to look at insights from Braze Predictive Suite in a meaningful way to help you take action and keep customers coming back for more.  We will develop strategies aligned with both Predictive Churn and/or Predictive Purchases to help you make the most of your data. 

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Braze Strategy
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