Advising Towards Success

At Covalent Marketing, we offer the full suite of customer focused consulting services ranging from transformational roadmaps and process design, to performance management and organizational change management. Our primary consultation goals extend well beyond achieving your maximum operational potential. Utilizing strategies that empower clients by maximizing the use of technologies designed to automate your processes and marketing execution instead of complicating them further.

Capability & Technology Transformation

Forced to transform how they engage and personalize their experience, modern companies often require new capabilities and functions while trying to juggle the ever-growing supply of customer engagement technologies. We're here to assist you in determining strategies that put all the pieces together in the right order so as to quickly deliver on value.

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Customer Journey Management

Consultation on how to move from traditional marketing campaign design to being customer journey focused will help you evaluate each and every stage of your customer interactions. Using an evolved approach to multi-channel contact strategies our experts can help you focus entirely on meeting the customer at every level with messaging that is consistent and personalized. With brand advocacy as the end goal for every customer, implementation of such strategies will allow for continual interaction with the customer, supporting them throughout their experience from start to finish.

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Marketing Process Playbook

Establishing a centralized, best practice communication taxonomy, hierarchy, and process is foundational to effectively delivering a personalized customer experience. At Covalent Marketing, we work with the people that know each part of business best in order to establish these processes, rather than using a traditional systems development lifecycle.

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Real Time Personalization

Marketing has been rapidly moving towards a future in which the focus rests on dynamic communication and customer interactions. The ability to maintain a library of messages and offers for each stage of the customer journey is a key component in taking any personalization strategy to the next level. With Covalent Marketing's Real Time Personalization service, you'll be able to initiate these offers and messages through triggers such as events or customer initiated actions. Already adept when it comes to assisting in organizations transformation towards the real time paradigm, we can even help select the ideal technology to suit your strategy moving forwards.

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Marketing Mastery

Covalent Marketing knows the importance of adopting change within an organization, it determines failure or success. Keeping people educated on everything from recent developments in marketing strategy to technology updates or features, we enable organizations to achieve their true potential when it comes to their marketing strategy, process, and software.

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Marketing Insights & Reporting

In the modern world of marketing, there are a number of invaluable technologies that can be utilized to improve the success of your customer engagement strategy. Even more so now than ever before, establishing key metrics from both an operational and performance perspective provides the insights needed to stay relevant with your customers.

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