Traditional approaches to marketing no longer effective

While a majority of marketing in this day are centered on a the campaign, it has been proven numerous times that taking an approach that focuses primarily on the customer yields much better results. This focus combined with a consolidation of campaigns will allow you to deliver a consistent experience to every customer across all channels and devices.

From Campaign-Centric to a Customer-Centric Strategy

Customer journey maps are not a new concept, especially when it comes to the digital marketing arena. And yet, despite it’s proven capability to drive customer engagement strategies, the wide spread organizational adoption and implementation of such customer journey maps is still relatively new. Marketing and other departments, such as service or sales, are leveraging customer journeys as a method to move away from more product centric and line of business specific campaign strategies. Covalent helps your organization become more customer centric by first breaking down your marketing into its raw components, and then aligning them directly with your customer journey. Additionally, our team will then assist you in determining the best way to leverage or modify your customer engagement technology platforms to support it.

Aligning to Messages, Offers, and Content

As an organization evolves by becoming more digital focused the way that marketers design & execute campaigns must change. Taking an approach focused on engaging the customer directly becomes more about those interactions versus a single outbound or inbound campaign. Such an interaction based approach puts much more of an emphasis on managing messages, offers, and content. Marketing requires that your campaigns are consolidated to contain relevant messages & offers with content that is tailored to each individual customer. Which in turn, creates the need to track and measure the messages and offers across all campaigns. This is where Covalent becomes instrumental in assisting you in the realignment and reorganization of your communications and campaigns by building a robust offer and content management capability to support your customer strategy.

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