Investing in your employee’s development to deliver results

Your employees are your most important asset when creating and delivering experiences to your customers. Despite this fact, it is very common for organizations to neglect to adequately investing in their team when it comes to upcoming changes. Whether related to a change in strategy, process, or technology, your success is entirely dependent on your team’s ability to grasp how the changes will affect themselves as well as others. At Covalent Marketing we utilize a proven approach, one that uses gamification to build knowledge and comprehension, while helping your employees perform at optimal levels.

Programmatic approach to change

Change is something that everyone experiences on a regular basis, the process of change shouldn’t be difficult to adopt but instead a familiar process for all marketing strategies. At Covalent Marketing we have developed a methodology that is self-sufficient and scalable to meet demands no matter what the changes are within your organization. Built upon a continual cycle of learning, this methodology is designed to constantly improve the ability of an organization to deliver value. Marketing and your change management staff will be able to appreciate our approach and quickly adopt it as their own.

Tailored Learning with achievable goals

At Covalent Marketing, we know that learning new processes and technology should never take a one-size fits all approach. Instead of just teaching you how, it should be focusing on the more important question of why, a focus that is often passed over by traditional training methods. With each and every person within your organization being different, whether in their role or learning style, it is important to have a program in place that accounts for these differences. Covalent’s Marketing Mastery program delivers education in a range of formats such as: quick reference guides, robust manuals, and short video tutorials all based on specifics roles. All of this education is then delivered in small consumable parts through matrices that provide measurable progress in achieving your learning goals.

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