Efficient delivery of customer communications and interactions

Being able to respond to the specific needs of each & every customer on a personalized level is most often easier said than done. It all starts with the speed at which your organization is able to develop messages & content in support of each customer interaction. Our experience has continually proved that a higher level of operational efficiency will improve your customer experience through a single, standardize process across all communications and marketing campaigns.

Establish common communication language and structure

Whether you are developing transactional, informational, or marketing communications, they are each still a communication but with a different intent or purpose. The first step towards creating an operation that can produce and deliver communications effectively is ensuring everyone adheres to predetermined communications in the same way and with the same terminology. With Covalent, our team will help your organization develop alignment on a standard communication taxonomy & hierarchy. This results in your organization’s ability to improve communication budgeting, planning, and performance measurement.

A top down approach to developing communication processes

A common, standardized process is key to being able to deliver a solid communication taxonomy and hierarchy when executing an omni-channel marketing strategy. Based on our experience at Covalent, we recognize that the best practice is to build a process that is centered on a top-down approach that breaks down silos within your organization. It is important that your communication process not be designed around a channel or specific line of business, but rather that it is designed based on the different types of communications and the level of effort required to develop them. Covalent Marketing’s Process Playbook is not only pragmatic, but also an effective way to facilitate an enterprise wide communication process that is familiar to marketers.

Automation and workflow where it makes sense

Workflow and automation all must be built on an well-designed process, otherwise you are just automating inefficiencies that will never be able to deliver the desired result. Covalent helps you determine where in the process you should leverage your technology to most effectively drive workflow. This approach provides the insights you need, while saving valuable time previously spent managing spreadsheets, Sharepoint forms, and emails. Ultimately, only tracking the critical milestones will help your team better understand the status and bottlenecks for the development and execution of your communication and campaign strategies.

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