Delivering relevant and timely customer interactions

With the proliferation of customer channels and devices, the number of ways in which a customer can interact with your organization seems to be continually growing in complexity. Each customer has many expectations concerning what your brand means and it is imperative that your organization have the ability to deliver on those expectations in real time.

Convergence of traditional outbound marketing and digital

Take a minute to step back and really evaluate your organization. Does it seem like you have two worlds colliding? Traditional outbound marketing and digital can often seem like oil and water, always trying to compete for the same customer but never quite meshing together. Traditional marketing caters to campaigns, whereas digital marketing is more focused on interactions and messaging. Merging these two separate approaches together can be an extremely daunting and difficult task. However, with Covalent, we can help bridge the two worlds and bring them together in a way that is agnostic of channels. The end result being an integrated approach towards real time personalization.

Technology helps you achieve your personalization goals

As with any real time personalization strategy, your organization won’t achieve its goals using traditional marketing approaches. Having the ability to orchestrate your messaging and marketing campaigns across your channels and devices is only achievable using real time personalization technology. This targeted technology helps execute decision logic based on business rules and scientific models in an effort to create a personalized experience for each and every customer. With Covalent, you’ll be able to develop a real time personalization capability, or simply optimize and scale your existing platform.

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