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Customized Data-Driven Marketing Technology Services For Your Unique Unica-Based Business Needs

Seamlessly combining our expertise in data-driven strategies with HCL Unica's cutting-edge capabilities 

Covalent Marketing, in synergy with Unica's transformative software, guides you toward a future of boundless marketing prowess. Our rich history of fusing technology, strategy, and innovation positions your organization to flourish in the dynamic marketing landscape. Check out the meticulously designed a set of services to amplify your marketing endeavors.






Our Unica Services

Ignite Your Unica Platform's Possibilities

Whether you are embarking on your Unica journey or seeking to enhance its capabilities, Covalent Marketing is your partner for success. Our tailored services cater to your every Unica need:

Strategic Onboarding & Empowerment

Embark on your Unica journey with confidence through our custom onboarding plans, guided implementation, and in-depth training sessions. We empower your team to master Unica's potential swiftly and efficiently.

Cross-Channel Symphony

Harmonize customer engagement across every touchpoint with Unica's multi-channel prowess. From email campaigns to personalized messages, SMS, and more, orchestrate an integrated symphony that resonates with your audience.

Data Synergy & Integration

Elevate your data architecture with scalable solutions that unlock Unica's true potential. Our experts enable seamless integration, ensuring Unica becomes the heart of your data-driven marketing initiatives.

Elevated Campaign Execution

Complement your team's expertise with our campaign prowess. We ideate, design, build, test, and launch campaigns across channels, aligning seamlessly with your vision and strategy.

Cultivating Dynamic Communication & Personalization Strategies

Our customer-centric ethos transforms engagement into lasting relationships:

Content Excellence

Step into the realm of customer-centricity and personalization. Our experts define content strategies, manage content models, and meticulously execute campaigns across diverse online platforms, ensuring consistency and engagement.

Optimized Customer Journeys

Navigate intricate customer journeys with ease, redefining cross-channel experiences. Leveraging Unica's capabilities, we architect seamless, customer-focused journeys that nurture engagement. 

Precision Personalization

Heighten personalization through dynamic scripting. Our adept team identifies optimal use cases and crafts messages that resonate as personalized, valuable contributions, elevating campaign impact.

Maximize Your Unica Marketing Technology ROI with Covalent

Our commitment ensures your organization reaps Unica's full benefits

Interactive Digital Experiences

Forge interactive pathways with custom forms and landing pages. Collect insights for enriched customer profiles, enhancing engagement across campaigns and online portals.

Multifaceted Messaging

Elevate your messaging strategy by crafting multi-dimensional journeys within Unica. Our analytics-backed guidance ensures optimal campaign performance, propelling your messaging to new heights.

Deliverability Mastery

Guarantee email reliability through meticulous assessments of configurations and practices. Our insights bolster email effectiveness, ensuring your messages land in inboxes, not spam folders.

Predictive Marketing Mastery

Harness the power of Unica's predictive insights. From mitigating churn to enhancing purchases, our strategies utilize predictive analytics, nurturing customer loyalty and growth.

HCL Unica Ignite
HCL Unica Marketing Tech Maximization
HCL Unica Dynamic Personalization
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