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Keeping pace with rapid technology growth and consumer expectations requires continuous improvements.

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Cross-functional Collaboration and Execution Efficiency is Do or Die

Marketing organizations are sitting at the center of customer engagement and viewed as the change agent for company growth. The expectation and demand on marketing is to be agile and rapidly adopt changing business needs. Leading organizations are turning to technology and automation to manage day to day activities which allows them to focus more on strategy.   

Digital and marketing technology should drive business growth

According to Gartner, only 33% of organizations feel their existing martech stack is useful, while over 80% are sitting on short-sighted or outdated martech roadmaps. At Covalent Marketing, we take an un-biased approach to uncover your technology gaps and challenges.  We’ll help you navigate the technology landscape and devise strategies aimed at reaching your goals.

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Services and Capabilities



We measure your organization against a set of critical marketing pillars. Our assessment determines where you are and where you need to be to meet your goals, identifies growth opportunities, and provides you with a customer-centric success plan focused on digital transformation.

Technology Assessment
and Recommendation


Marketing organizations are known to have many technology solutions within their enterprise stack.  Our assessment will uncover redundant capabilities and gaps within your architecture and provide recommendations by identifying opportunities to simplify and streamline your operations.

Vendor Evaluation
and Selection


Navigating the marketing technology landscape to find a solution that matches your needs can be overwhelming.  Our “fit for purpose” approach leverages use cases based on where you strive to be, followed by demos and hands-on experience strengthening your confidence in selecting a partner.

Technology Advisory


Having access to technology and data experts that bring years of experience and an outside perspective is invaluable to your organization.  We’ll match your question or challenge with a consultant to provide guidance and advice when you need it, and it doesn’t require a project to engage with us. 

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