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Orchestrate processes and keep all teams on the same page to produce excellent marketing. 

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Tie All Marketing Activities to
Strategic Plans

The first step toward truly cross-channel marketing operations is to have a holistic framework for all communication-related activities with standard terminology. Covalent will work with your organization to develop this critical structure, enabling your organization to improve marketing budgeting, planning, and performance measurement.

Streamline and Automate
Your Processes

All marketing teams want as much automation in their lives as possible, but simply adding automation is never the magic bullet that many hope for. Covalent helps your teams truly benefit by enabling process automation where it provides value and ensuring you’re not just automating inefficiencies instead. 

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Enable Data-Driven Omnichannel Marketing Across All Functions

When building and structuring your marketing activities, we take a top-down approach that breaks down silos within your organization. Instead of focusing on separate channels or lines of business, we take a truly cross-channel approach so that leaders across the organization can get the data they need to empower optimal strategic planning. 

Services and Capabilities

Process Design and Optimization

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The key to successful Marketing Operations hinges on processes that are optimized, standardized, and unified across channels and teams. Our experts work with you from planning through execution, solving for any gaps as well as identifying opportunities to enhance efficiency and standardization. 

Operational Performance Management

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We design systems to not only automate work processes but to achieve true transparency and measurability of marketing activities across channels and teams. We strategically systematize your data to deliver actionable insights at all levels, from CMO to individual contributors.

Digital Asset and Content Management


We enable you to take a strategic approach to leveraging a DAM and/or CMS to serve omnichannel customer experiences. We offer implementations of new solutions and restructuring of your current solutions.


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To ensure the best-practice process standards are adopted and facilitated across projects and teams, we translate these into systems where handoffs and scheduling are enabled and automated so project contributors can reduce their administrative burden and focus more on their deliverables.

Marketing Resource Management

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We know teams are increasingly tasked with doing more with less, and it is a near-endless challenge to ensure work is effectively assigned and managed across internal resources. Our methodology and tools will empower you to assign, monitor, and manage marketing resources like never before. 

and Hierarchy

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A thoughtful, well-defined campaign hierarchy is the key to accurately measure cross-channel performance and to align all marketing activities to higher-level goals. We will help you develop an optimal framework to structure and standardize your marketing activities for success. 

Change Management and Adoption 

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As change management experts, we understand how fundamental consistent and relevant education is to the adoption of any transformative initiative. Our methodology for sustained effective change has been a lynchpin of our clients’ ongoing advancement and success.

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“Covalent Marketing helped to put us over the goal line and provided the expertise that only experience makes possible, as they always do.”  

- Tom Pruitt, Director Business Solutions, Sallie Mae

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