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Retailer Increases New Customer Revenue Through Braze Automation

Following the successful implementation of Braze, the subsequent phase involved transitioning from manual, batch-and-blast email campaigns to a primary focus on advancing the growth of the eCommerce channel. The initial approach was to commence with a modest scale introducing unused existing capabilities, leveraging existing campaigns and content to attract new eCommerce accounts and encourage online shopping initiation.

Person shopping online with credit card


A meticulous review of each existing campaign was conducted, with a specific emphasis on optimization through improved customer journeys and automation. The new account “Welcome Series” was identified as the initial candidate for enhancement. In it's original state, the campaign was a scheduled email to new account holders on the Wednesday following their new account setup, which means a promotion could be sent anywhere from 1-6 days after a new customer is created. The campaign underwent a transformation to deliver real-time email offers triggered by an online account creation. This shift also leveraged existing event data and addressed the previous delay, ensuring a more immediate and relevant engagement experience. Notably, the offer validity period was also adjusted, allowing for more effective promotional delivery.

Several features within Braze that were previously underutilized were identified and incorporated into the automation process. This included the instantaneous addition of a new email address to Braze upon account creation without necessitating API updates. Additionally, Braze Catalogs was employed to identify the appropriate offer code based on registration dates, with Liquid scripting used to seamlessly insert the code and offer expiration date.


The revamped campaign execution strategy yielded significant results:

Transitioned from batch to real-time delivery, offering email incentives immediately after online account creation.

  • Achieved a 2.0x to 2.5x weekly revenue increase.

  • Achieved a remarkable 1-second execution time.

  • Achieved 100% automation in the process.


The success of this initiative demonstrated that substantial improvements could be achieved through incremental changes to existing campaigns. Future plans include iterating and enhancing the Welcome Series by incorporating additional channels such as SMS and Push Notifications. Moreover, the positive outcomes generated organizational momentum, paving the way to drive other campaigns towards automated journeys. This case study underscores the value of strategic adjustments in campaign execution, setting the stage for ongoing improvements and multichannel integration.

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