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Full-scale data-driven marketing at your fingertips

Our Resulticks Services

Establish and Support Your Resulticks Platform

As leading Resulticks experts, our consultants are able to lead and support your customer engagement technology journey. Unlike most, we operate in a way that is simultaneously strategic and visionary while still being very hands-on in the system. 

Onboard & Educate

Accelerate and streamline your Resulticks implementation with our custom services for transition plans, implementation, and hands-on onboarding and education.

Augment My Staff

Are you missing a special skillset or have a gap in current talent? Our team can ideate, design, build, test, and launch your campaigns across channels, as well as manage your data and segmentation as an extension of your team.

Advance Your Customer Data and Analytics Capabilities 

The RESUL platform offers highly advanced data management, segmentation, analytics, and tracking capabilities far beyond the offerings of a typical marketing automation platform, so much so that large-scale clients actually leverage it as their primary CDP.  If you're not taking full advantage of the remarkable data and analytics capabilities of Resulticks, Covalent Marketing will partner with you to ensure you're getting the full value and ROI by operating as a truly data-driven marketing organization. 

Smart Duo Tracking & Identification

Resultick's Smart Duo is the innovative technological breakthrough that Marketers have needed in the face of a changing digital regulations and norms. Their Smart Link technology is a true current-state solution to tracking individuals across earned, and paid media, and paired with their Smart SDK marketers can truly follow end-to-end individual journeys across channels like never before. The setup and configuration of these bleeding-edge tools can be highly specialized and technical, so our experts will be crucial to truly succeeding with this technology. 

Scalable Data Foundation Design 

As a Resulticks customer, the goal of having robust 360° customer profiles is well within your technological (platform) capabilities. This requires expertise and investment to design out the right data infrastructure for your company's needs, strategically and tactically joining your known customer profile data to behavioral and transactional information. We have services designed to do exactly this for you, ensuring you're taking full advantage of this best-in-class opportunity to be truly data-driven. 

Evolve Your Real-Time Personalization Strategy and Omnichannel Engagement

Once established, the RESUL platform is preeminently capable of achieving the long-time Marketer's dream of true omnichannel personalization at scale. Often the most significant barrier to success in this category is having full expertise in how to design, implement, and enable your business strategy in an logical rules-based, cross-channel fashion, which is where we come in. 

Customer Journey Strategy

Whether truly omnichannel or cross-channel, coordinating manual, fully integrated and ad hoc mediums can be tricky. We will help you redesign and optimize your customer journeys within the RESUL platform with our knowledge of best practices across channels to deliver a seamless and enhanced customer-centric experience. 

Dynamic Personalization Engine Design

Our experts can enable you to make RESUL your true Journey Orchestration Engine. We design out your business rules to enable real-time personalization at scale, achieving 1:1 delivery of optimally relevant and timely messaging with your customers, maximizing your impact across all interactions automatically. 

Resulticks Establish
Resulticks Data Mgmt
Resulticks Personalization

Premiere Resulticks Service Providers in North America Enabling Marketers to Accelerate Data and Automation Goals

Covalent aligns deep data, process, and technology knowledge with the strength of Resulticks to bring your organization best-in-class customer interactions to drive customer engagement and increase transactions at scale.

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