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At Covalent Marketing, we strive to assist you in maximizing both your efficiency and marketing success through the use of technology. Even more so now than ever before, marketers & IT organizations are faced with an abundance of options for the deployment and management of customer engagement solutions. With decades of hands-on technical experience, our solution architects work directly with your team to facilitate an expedient return in the value of your technology investments.

Architecture & Technology Enablement

Knowing is half the battle when it comes to determining the optimal architecture and deployment model for not only your current technology solutions but any additional ones that may be in consideration for future implementation. We also focus on knowing what technologies in your ecosystem will best support your business capabilities. Whether on-premise or cloud based, selecting software that meshes perfectly with your operation, and then integrating across all customer engagement platforms is key to boosting your marketing success. Covalent has experts on hand to refine your architecture, implement, and even configure new systems or apply upgrades. All aspects that are essential to your operation's ability to deliver a personalized experience to each and every customer.

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Customer Engagement & Analytical Platforms

At Covalent Marketing we partner with leading customer & marketing software companies across the full spectrum of technological capabilities from marketing platforms and cloud providers to data & analytics vendors. Covalent Marketing has spent years vetting software systems, building relationships, and amassing industry experience with a wide variety of technologies, some of which your operation may already be utilizing.

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