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Supercharge your Marketing Operations by making your work management tool a true system of record

We Design Adobe Workfront for Best-In-Class Marketing Management

Our forward-thinking marketing technology consultants empower organizations to excel in omnichannel and personalized communications by streamlining operations, enabling channel capabilities, and simplifying technical and process complexities.



Services for all phases and levels of your Adobe Workfront journey

Workfront Implementation and Enablement

Workfront is a very open and customizable tool, when can pose a challenge for many marketing organizations on how to structure and plan out your system with plans, activities, and templates configured optimally to both support each different functional team that works on marketing deliverables while also providing and executive-level and enterprise framework to provide a wholistic view and enable omnichannel analytics.

Our experts dig into the details to plan out your ideal design to enable success for your initial implementation, as well as set up your system to scale for future-state growth and success. 

Our Standard Workfront Implementation Services Include:

  • Dedicated Covalent Marketing Resources

  • Covalent-Led Discovery, Business Outcomes, and Solution Design Sessions

  • ​Marketing Process and Hierarchy Summaries

  • Detailed Workfront Design Documentation

  • Build-Out and Customization of Workfront Platform including:

    • Forms, Workflows, Hierarchy

    • Teams, Groups, Persona Views

    • Standard Reporting/Dashboards

  • Configured System Walkthrough 

  • Workfront Admin Coaching

  • Service Delivery Dashboard 

  • Customized technical field & report design to make the platform deliver on your needs

WF Implement

Process and System Design Optimization

These services are often a key additional part of Workfront implementation. And beyond that, systems like Workfront are never “one and done” post-implementation – it is critical to continuously evaluate and enhance your usage of the tool so it can grow and develop alongside your organization as you mature your capabilities and processes. 

Our experts bring fresh perspective and deep experience cross-industry experience to empower you with specific, comprehensive and results-oriented strategic guidance and action plans. 

Our team will lead and implement such growth initiatives, including:

  • Expand and optimize marketing hierarchy & metadata

  • Develop and onboard new teams and processes into the tool

  • Workout and implement cross-functional process improvement

  • Optimize Workfront to better solve for organizational/user needs (ex: reporting, forms, automations, etc).

Screenshot 2022-05-27 102414.jpg
Screenshot 2022-05-27 102547.jpg
WF Process Design

Adobe Workfront Support and Expansion Services

Covalent Marketing offers a variety of services to help Workfront users with their specific needs, from niche, broad-based, to anything in between.

Some of these offerings include: 

Custom Education & Mastery

We will conduct custom live (virtual) function-specific training sessions tailored to different user groups and how they will use Workfront, while incorporating broader context related to your organization and strategy. 

Custom Workfront Integrations 

Our data architects and process specialists will work with you on Workfront integrations that are designed to be maximally effective not only from a technical perspective but also to best serve your business outcomes and user base. 

Custom Reporting and Analytics

Beyond the UI-based drag-and-drop report and dashboard capabilities within Adobe Workfront, there is frequently a need for textual code-based development to enable the type and level of reporting that many organizations ideally need, which our experts can provide. 

System Admin/ Staff Augmentation

We provide expert system admin resources and skills to help address user needs, troubleshoot and solve issues, and implement minor in-system adjustments to adapt to changes in your business and processes. 

Custom services & engagements are available and encouraged, so please reach out about your specific needs!

WF Expansion
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