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Become a true leader in the realm of cutting-edge digital marketing techniques.

We're Here to Help.

Unlock the secrets to elevate your personalized marketing game. Whether you aim to innovate through additional marketing channels, unleash new Braze features, master liquid scripting customization, or seek expert guidance on architecture strategy and integrations – we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve more with Braze.


Campaign to Customer Journey Conversion

Elevate Your Marketing Strategy. 

Covalent's expert team takes your marketing initiatives to the next level, helping you convert siloed campaigns into immersive customer journeys to better resonate with your audience.  


  • Engage Users at Every Touchpoint: From ideation to execution, we skillfully craft journey designs that resonate with your audience, maximizing engagement at each interaction.

  • Maximize Impact and Drive Conversion: Elevate the impact of your campaigns by transforming them into engaging multi-touch customer journeys that also effectively drive conversions rates.

  • Unlock the Full Potential of Braze: Bring your journey designs to life by creating dynamic and impactful experiences which will unlock the full capabilities of Braze Canvas.

Experience a transformative shift in your marketing approach and deliver a personalized customer experience.


Content Card Development

Leverage Advanced Braze Personalization Features With Ease. 

Enhance customer engagement with our specialized Content Card Development and Optimization service. Seamlessly create captivating content cards for customers, immersing them in a personalized, dynamic stream of rich content within your apps. Unlock Braze’s advanced features and capabilities. 

  • Card Pinning and Dismissal: Allow users to customize their experience by pinning important cards or dismissing ones that are no longer relevant.

  • API-Based Delivery: Leverage API-based delivery for a seamless and efficient content delivery process.

  • Connected Content Integration: Integrate Connected Content for a cohesive and interconnected user experience.

  • Customizable Expiration Times: Tailor content card expiration times to suit your campaign strategies and user engagement preferences.

  • Advanced Analytics: Gain insights into user interactions with detailed analytics, empowering data-driven decisions.

  • Seamless Push Notification Coordination: Ensure seamless coordination with push notifications, enhancing the overall user engagement strategy.

Empower your engagement strategy with the enhanced capabilities of Content Cards, finely tuned to optimize the user experience within the Braze platform.


Architecture, Data Integration, and Braze SDK

Fully Incorporate Braze Into Your Marketing Stack for Maximum Impact. 

In the rapidly evolving world of modern business, successful marketing hinges on the strategic utilization of technology and seamless data integration. Covalent specializes in seamlessly integrating various data platforms and apps into your Braze ecosystem, ensuring a dynamic and efficient marketing infrastructure. Our services cover a diverse range of platforms.

  • Ecommerce Systems Integration: Seamlessly integrate ecommerce systems to enhance your marketing capabilities.

  • Web and Mobile App Integration: Ensure a cohesive connection between web and mobile apps for a unified user experience. data sources, including CDPs, data lakes, advanced analytics platforms and more for valuable insights, refining your marketing strategy precision.

  • Marketing Technology Integration: Harmonize various marketing and content management platforms for a streamlined and effective approach.

  • Cohesive Ecosystem: Our integration services create a cohesive ecosystem that maximizes efficiency in your marketing operations.

Elevate your marketing capabilities by harnessing the power of technology through Covalent's expert Data Integration and Braze SDK Services. Transform your marketing ecosystem with seamless data connectivity and efficient platform integration


Personalization with Liquid Scripting

Transform your communication strategy with our Liquid Scripting Services

Unleash dynamic and engaging content in your emails, push notifications, and in-app messages to craft a truly personalized user experience. Explore the transformative potential of our services.

  • Integration of Liquid Scripting: Our expert team specializes in harnessing Braze's Liquid scripting capabilities for a seamless and effective use of personalization.

  • Behavior-Based Content Delivery: Understand user preferences and actions to deliver relevant and meaningful content based on their unique behaviors for a personalized touch.

  • Impactful Campaigns: Craft campaigns that resonate individually, ensuring every interaction leaves a lasting impact.

Flexible Services Packages Available 

Our flexible and agile approach ensures a personalized and efficient solution to your unique requirements. Experience the freedom to optimize and succeed across the various services we have to offer. Contact us today to combine multiple services into a single, tailored package that aligns with your diverse needs. 

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