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Do More with Braze

Become A True Leader In The Realm of Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Techniques 

Elevate your marketing strategy by seamlessly converting siloed campaigns into immersive customer journeys. Covalent's expert team takes your marketing initiatives to the next level, ensuring a comprehensive journey that resonates with your audience.

Campaign to Customer Journey Conversion

From ideation to execution, we skillfully craft brand new journey designs that resonate with your audience, increasing engagement at each interaction.

Build Connections at Every Touchpoint

Elevate the impact of your existing campaigns by transforming them into engaging multi-touch customer journeys that also effectively drive conversion rates.

Maximize Impact and Drive Conversion

Bring your journey designs to life by creating dynamic and impactful experiences that will unlock the full capabilities of Braze Canvas.

Unlock the Full Potential of Braze

Experience a transformative shift in your marketing approach and deliver a personalized customer experience.

Expand Your Marketing Reach & Drive Results with Braze Channel Optimization

Enhance the potential of Braze by strategically expanding your marketing channels. Our certified experts will guide you to seamlessly integrate SMS, web/mobile push, in-app messaging, social, or email – enabling you to connect with more customers where they engage most effectively.

New Channel Adoption

Discover the Right Channels

We'll discuss your goals to expand your Braze implementation with the most effective combination of SMS, web/mobile push, in-app messaging, social, or email.

Seamless Integration

Our skilled data architects ensure flawless technical setup and integration for your new channels.

Smart Segmentation

Leverage Braze's advanced segmentation to reach customers with the right message on their preferred channels.

Channel-Specific Strategies

Get tailored guidance on how to craft compelling campaigns and messages that resonate across each new channel.

Test, Optimize, Repeat

We'll help you establish A/B testing to continuously improve engagement and drive higher conversions.

Successful marketing hinges on strategically utilizing technology and seamless data integration in the rapidly evolving world of modern business. Covalent excels in seamlessly integrating various data platforms and apps into your Braze ecosystem, ensuring a dynamic and efficient marketing infrastructure.

Architecture, Data Integration, and Braze SDK

Our services cover a diverse range of platforms:

Ecommerce Systems Integration: Seamlessly integrate ecommerce systems to enhance your marketing capabilities.

Web and Mobile App SDK Integration: Ensure a cohesive connection between web and mobile apps for a unified user experience.

Data and Analytics Integration: Integrate diverse data sources, including CDPs, data lakes, advanced analytics platforms, and more, for valuable insights and refine your marketing strategy precision.

Marketing Technology Integration: Harmonize various marketing and content management platforms for a streamlined and effective approach.

Cohesive Ecosystem: Our integration services create a cohesive ecosystem that maximizes efficiency in your marketing operations.

Elevate your marketing capabilities by harnessing the power of technology through Covalent's expert Data Integration and Braze SDK Services. Transform your marketing ecosystem with seamless data connectivity and efficient platform integration.
As your organization ingests more data attributes into your User profiles, the consumption of your Braze data points only increases. Before you know it, you’ve surpassed the defined monthly data point consumption amount allotment as defined in your Braze contract, resulting in overages on your bill.

Census + Braze: Data Point Optimization for Purpose

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