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Braze Onboarding & Implementations

Onboarding Braze should be exciting, but it can become a disaster without the right partner. With Covalent, you'll receive an exceptional experience backed by a team of Braze-certified consultants who know marketing, data, and technology. And we will be with you to the end, guaranteeing that, at a minimum, you have successfully launched your first campaign or journey.

Step 1: Successful Onboarding starts with a Braze Success Plan (BSP)

Together, we invest time before the start of the project to create an implementation roadmap and plan: 

1. Complete Onboarding Questionaire

2. Conduct Marketing and Technical Workshops

3. Create Roadmap and Plan


The result is a custom onboarding experience tailored to your organization’s goals that delivers real and meaningful value.

Step 2: Determine your Onboarding Engagement Model (OEM)

Onboarding is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each organization has different skills or constraints. We offer flexible Onboarding Engagement Models (OEMs) to suit everyone.


  1. Enablement Model:

    • Advisory and guidance from expert Braze SMEs

  2. Co-Development Model: 

    • Shared development to augment your team

  3. Full-Service Model:

    • White glove, where Covalent does most of the work

Step 3: Implement Braze with a proven methodology

A couple of the most critical aspects of successful Onboarding are data integration and bridging the gap between marketing and IT – this is our specialty that enables you to launch personalized customer engagement seamlessly.

What You'll Receive from Our Onboarding Services:

Certified Braze consultants who are hands-on, covering all aspects of the Braze platform

Proven onboarding process coupled with strong project management to ensure your success

Configured Braze platform and Workspace(s) for your team(s)​​

Outcome-based campaigns built and executed around your business goals

Thorough documentation so you know exactly how everything is designed and configured

Trained user(s) on platform configuration and campaigns(s)

Marketing and technology recommendations for post-onboarding enhancements

​Onboarding FAQ

  • The time it takes to onboard with Braze varies. In the best-case scenario (e.g., simple setup, focused scope, external help), onboarding can take as little as 4-6 weeks. However, a more typical timeframe is closer to 12-18 weeks.

    PRO TIP: Well-organized customer data along with some forethought about what fields you’ll want for marketing purposes will speed things up. 

  • As a best practice, we recommend that you set, at a minimum, 12 weeks aside for a successful Braze onboarding. This will allow you to get through all the necessary phases in standing up a MarTech solution: Mobilization, Discovery & Requirements, Design & Build, and finally Test & Deploy.

    PRO TIP: If time and/or complexity is a factor in your onboarding, we highly recommend leveraging skilled resources (like Covalent’s) who are familiar with the tool’s features and functions.

  • The ideal team for your Braze implementation depends on the project's size and your existing capabilities. Here's a summary of the key roles you'll likely need:

    Your Internal Team: Start with a senior-level Project Sponsor to champion the effort. You'll need a Project Manager for daily operations, a Marketing Strategist to design campaigns aligned with business goals, and a Data Analyst/Engineer to manage customer data flow. IT/Web Developers will handle integrations, while Copywriters and Designers ensure content is engaging and visually appealing.

    If You Hire Consultants: A Braze Solutions Architect designs the overall technical setup, and a Braze Developer handles the hands-on building within the platform. A consultant Project Manager can work with your internal team, and a QA/Testing Specialist ensures everything functions smoothly. Remember, larger projects may need additional specialists (UI/UX designers, security experts), and your existing in-house expertise will determine how much external help you need.

Are you leveraging Braze's Onboarding services but need hands-on assistance?

We know that some organizations want Braze by their side during onboarding, and we are all for it! Our consultants have experience working in parallel with Braze’s onboarding, providing hands-on services to augment your team for things like:


  • Migration of Campaigns or email templates

  • SDK or API configuration and development 

  • Data integration design and development

  • Project management to stay on track

Onboarding with Braze + Covalent Marketing

Post-Onboarding: Flexible support after your successful onboarding.

Onboarding is just the beginning, and should you need continued support, we have you covered. Our services range from monthly, ongoing advisory services to augmenting your team with development services. Stay agile, accessing short-term or full-time Braze professionals to accelerate your growth and maximize your investment.

Post-Onboarding Services

Census + Braze: Data Activation to Enhance your Braze Marketing Experience

The Marketing team is often constrained to enhance their Braze user profiles with new attributes required by the advancement of their marketing strategies. This can be due to:

  • IT Bottlenecks: Limited bandwidth, slow data requests, and a lack of specialized expertise hinder progress.

  • Messy Data: Errors, inconsistencies, and a lack of structure create roadblocks.

  • Outdated Systems: Legacy sources struggle to keep up with your modern data needs (ex. formatting).

  • Siloed Information: Valuable data remains trapped in disconnected systems

Census + Braze Onboarding

Whether you’re new to Census or have Census already integrated into your tech stack, we work closely with your IT and Marketing teams, empowering them to better understand the data available for use in advanced Braze marketing strategies. 
Our Services will help you:


Accelerate Census Onboarding & Adoption

We'll ensure a smooth setup and train both your marketing and IT teams for seamless utilization.


Streamline Data Flows

Design and implement effective source-to-target mappings for optimal data integration between Census and Braze.


Ensure Braze Setup Integrity

Validate your Braze configuration to maximize data accuracy and campaign performance.


Establish Data Governance

Develop a clear framework to ensure data quality, consistency, and compliance


Bridge Marketing & IT

Serve as the strategic liaison, translating requirements for successful collaboration


Optimize Segmentation Strategy

Design, test, and deploy targeted audience segments to power your Braze campaigns


Provide Expert Census Support

Troubleshoot synchronization issues, analyze logs, and proactively manage Census support inquiries.

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