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We Expertly Fast-Track and Guide Your Onboarding, Ensuring You Achieve Measurable ROI in Record Time.

We're Here to Help.

Embark on your Braze journey with confidence leveraging our services crafted for new subscribers of the platform. Whether you're initiating a fresh, clean slate implementation or migrating from a legacy marketing automation tool – we've got you covered. Benefit from our proven approach and unmatched Braze expertise to ensure a seamless and successful start to your marketing transformation!



We'll Get You Started Off Right. 

Our Enable Package establishes a solid foundation to get you up and running quickly with Braze. 

  • Enable a single marketing channel centered around a prioritized campaign or journey

  • Utilize Braze’s standard data integration methods and/or connectors

  • Harness the power of marketing strategy and Braze best practices



Deliver on Your Marketing Automation ROI Goals Faster 

The Enhance Package is for organizations seeking additional strategy and consultative guidance during onboarding.

  • Develop strategy across multiple use cases, focusing on efficiencies and optimization

  • Enhance campaign or journey strategy of existing campaigns or guidance on new development

  • Enable one or many marketing channels

  • Consult on a custom data points strategy

  • Provide email IP Warming/SMS carrier application guidance

  • Utilize Braze’s standard data integration methods or connectors



Specialized Braze Implementations for Exceptional Organizations

The Optimize Package is for organizations who will benefit from a customized, full-service onboarding and implementation project. Often this is a fit enterprise-level marketing departments.

  • Develop strategy across multiple use cases, focusing on efficiencies and optimization
    Enhance Package is for organizations seeking additional strategy and consultative guidance during onboarding.

  • Consolidation of multiple marketing platforms to Braze

  • Spans multiple business units or teams that will be using Braze

  • Enable multiple channels simultaneously

  • Develop custom data integration and enterprise architecture strategy


Email Template Migration

Equip Your New Platform With All of Your Best Email Content 

Are you leveraging Braze’s onboarding services, but need hands-on support to migrate your legacy email templates to Braze? Covalent's expert team ensures a seamless transfer, preserving the integrity of your templates while simultaneously optimizing them for Braze's unique capabilities.

  • Comprehensive Migration Process: Our team manages every aspect of the migration process, ensuring a thorough and efficient transition from design elements to dynamic content.

  • Preserve Template Integrity: Guarantee the integrity of your templates during the migration process, ensuring that the essence of your brand and design remains intact.

  • Optimize for Braze Features: Leverage our expertise to optimize your templates specifically for Braze's unique features, enhancing your email marketing capabilities.

  • Minimize Downtime: Covalent minimizes downtime during the migration, ensuring a smooth shift without disruptions to your email marketing campaigns.

  • Seamless Continuation with Enhanced Features: Trust us to navigate complexities, enabling you to seamlessly continue your email marketing campaigns with the enhanced features that Braze offers.

Guaranteed Above-And-Beyond Braze Onboarding Services 

What You'll Receive:

  • Certified Braze consultants who are hands-on, covering all aspects of the Braze platform

  • Proven onboarding process coupled with strong project management to ensure your success

  • Configured Braze platform and Workspace(s) for your team(s)

  • Outcome-based campaigns built and executed around your business goals

  • Trained user(s) on platform configuration and campaigns(s)

  • Marketing and technology recommendations for post-onboarding enhancements

Not Sure Which Onboarding Package Is Right For You?

Request our onboarding questionnaire and we will work with you on a recommended package along with a services quote.

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