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Regain your confidence with our specialized services crafted for Braze users navigating challenges and striving to stay afloat. Whether you're grappling with limited resources, seeking to reset past missteps, or simply craving guidance to reclaim your path, we have the solutions to transform your struggles into success. Dive into our expert support and navigate your Braze journey with confidence.

Campaign Development

Accelerate your Campaign Creation Process

As the go-to Braze consulting partner, we seamlessly navigate the entire marketing automation process from ideation to message deployment, and integrate with your team as if we were there from the beginning.

  • Comprehensive Campaign Development: From brainstorming sessions to deployment strategies, Covalent handles every aspect of your new campaign's development.

  • Knowledge Transfer: Enjoy the ease of a smooth transition back to your team with comprehensive documentation provided at every step, empowering them to leverage the newly developed campaigns effectively.

  • Flexible Resource Solutions: Covalent steps in to fill short-term resource gaps as well as being capable of providing full-time Braze professionals, offering you agility in the dynamic business landscape.

Campaign Optimization

Improve Campaign Effectiveness

Embark on a journey of optimized marketing efforts, audience captivation, and unprecedented success with Covalent's on-demand Campaign Optimization Services. Your personalized path to marketing excellence is like having a Braze expert on speed dial!

  • Campaign Assessment: Allow our skilled Braze practitioners to review your campaigns and identify what tweaks can be made to make them better.

  • Hands-On Campaign Assistance: Experience personalized support with hands-on assistance in troubleshooting, testing, and supercharging your existing campaigns, ensuring unparalleled effectiveness.

  • Braze Component Development: Entrust our experts to handle technical development of Braze components, guaranteeing your campaigns receive seamless updates and adjustments

Advisory & Support

Expert Braze Advice from Certified Professionals

Unleash Braze's full potential and enhance your Braze end user experience through our dedicated advisory and support services. Get ongoing, personalized support from certified marketers and digital strategists to master the platform, optimize data processes, and utilize Braze seamlessly.

  • Personalized Support from Certified Experts: Receive ongoing support from certified marketers and digital strategists to master the Braze platform.

  • Technical Guidance in Data Management and SDKs: Gain insights into optimizing your data management and integration processes for enhanced efficiency.

  • Expert Guidance in Campaign Creation: Craft engaging campaigns with ease backed by expert guidance to ensure impactful user engagement.

  • Insightful Email Deliverability Guidance: Ensure your messages reach their destination with comprehensive email deliverability analysis.

Braze Data Assessment

Unleash the Power of Data Excellence

Our expert team conducts a comprehensive analysis to elevate your Braze data quality and streamline performance.

  • Deep Dive into Inbound Data Sources: Explore SDKs, REST APIs, data warehouses, and third-party processes for a thorough understanding of your data landscape.

  • Identify and Resolve Data Quality Issues: Pinpoint duplicate profiles, redundant data, and misspelled email domains to enhance the integrity of your dataset.

  • Evaluate Data Point Usage: Analyze data points across app groups, inbound sources, attributes, and events to unveil anomalies and patterns.

  • Assess Segment Logic: Scrutinize segment logic for potential conflicts or inconsistencies, ensuring seamless segmentation.

Platform Health Check

Identify Your Braze Optimization Opportunities 

Elevate your Braze platform with our comprehensive Braze Audit services, designed to enhance your configuration to achieve its peak performance.

  • Complete Workspace Audit: Conduct a thorough examination of all Braze app groups, delving into tag hierarchy and usage, Dashboard Users, and Team permissions for a comprehensive workspace overview.

  • Review Sending Domain Configurations: Evaluate sending domain configurations, DNS health, reply-management, and opt-out processes to ensure seamless communication.

  • Customer Engagement Analysis: Dive into in-depth analysis of customer engagement by ISP, exploring trends in human and machine-driven opens for strategic insights.

  • Deliverability Dashboards and Global Authentication: Receive assistance in setting up Google and Microsoft deliverability dashboards and implementing global authentication methods like DMARC and BIMI for enhanced security.

Experience the power of practical recommendations tailored to your unique business needs, setting the stage for Braze configuration success.​

Campaign & Canvas Analysis

Elevate Your Braze Marketing Strategy

Unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns with Covalent's specialized Campaign and Canvas Analysis services. Our comprehensive analysis is designed to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts. 

  • Design Review: Receive a thorough review and up-to-date documentation of key Campaigns and Canvases for clarity and transparency.

  • Audience Logic Assessment: Identify and resolve audience logic conflicts, accompanied by testing guidance for even the most complex Campaigns and Canvases.

  • Content Optimization: Discover opportunities for content optimization, including refining content blocks, implementing Liquid personalization, and leveraging Connected Content for enhanced engagement.

  • Feature Incorporation Strategies: Stay ahead of the curve by identifying ways to seamlessly incorporate emerging Braze features and capabilities into your existing marketing programs.

Experience the revitalization of your campaigns as we leverage the latest Braze features, ensuring optimal customer engagement.

Email Deliverability & Reputation Management

Get Your Emails Successfully Into Customer Inboxes

Dive into a world of unmatched email deliverability across ISPs with our Deliverability and Reputation Management Services. Trust us to not just to improve delivery of your emails but to elevate your communication strategy, ensuring your messages land exactly where they belong – in the hearts and minds of your audience.

  • Thorough Configuration Assessment: Our experts meticulously assess your email and IP configurations and help dodge spam filters for optimal performance.

  • Expert Best Practices Implementation: Benefit from the implementation of industry-proven best practices in email marketing for exceptional results.

  • Maximize Inbox Placement: Experience heightened inbox placement, guaranteeing that your messages are seen by your audience.

Flexible Service Packages Availabe

Our flexible and agile approach ensures a personalized and efficient solution to your unique requirements. Experience the freedom to optimize and succeed across the various services we have to offer. Contact us today to combine multiple services into a single, tailored package that aligns with your diverse needs.

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