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Brazed and Innovating: Unveiling Braze's Latest Marketing Platform Enhancements

Updated: Mar 13

One of the things that we love about Braze is that they’re constantly improving their marketing platform. Never resting, always innovating. To keep you from being “Brazed and Confused,” we want to highlight a few new features and functions that were recently released.

braze update typed on paper in a typewriter

Segment Builder 2.0

screenshot of segment builder menu in braze

The biggest update is with the segment builder. They have done some major enhancements where you can now create segments from multiple filters conditions using “AND”, “OR”, and “AND NOT” logical operators. Furthermore, you can now find your pre-made filters in a more organized manner because they have curated them into categories rather than a feral list of every filter.


Likewise, if there’s a filter condition you want to reuse, they have also made that easier with the addition of a “Duplicate” button. This is helpful for when you want to add an “AND” condition from within the same field. In the image below we can easily copy the "Skiing" interest and then change the new value to "Golfing" to find the intersection of those who like "Skiing AND Golfing" in our segment.

screenshot of using filters in braze

All of these changes should make your segmentation development more effective and efficient (our two favorite “E” words).

There are also some early access (EA) features that are now generally available (GA) to all users. 

Custom Code for In-app Messaging

The most notable being the release of custom code blocks for In-App messaging. Now you can customize HTML, CSS or JavaScript coding in your In-App messaging. Use the “Custom Code” block when in the In-App messaging editor. This opens up a world of new possibilities for marketers to play with.

AI Product Recommendations

Leveraging AI through their new product recommendations engine is exactly how we think AI

should be used in MarTech. This capability draws from your data Catalogs to provide one recommendation per type on a weekly basis. If you want more frequent updates, there’s a Pro version for an additional fee.

WhatsApp Responses

Now you can deliver custom responses for customer-initiated communications rather than relying on templated copy. This new enhancement is available for all WhatsApp response types (quick reply, text message, and media message). Additionally, Braze has enabled some contact management capabilities that allow you to cap the number of communications to a user per campaign, or campaign type, bringing WhatsApp up to par with Email, SMS, and the other communication channels.

Which of these new features are you most excited to use? If you want to learn more about anything Braze related feel free to drop us a note.


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