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Unlock data-driven success with Covalent's Braze audit services. Tap into our deep Braze expertise for a quick 2-3 week analysis and optimization of your platform. We'll pinpoint immediate improvements and lay the foundation for long-term, data-driven marketing success.

 Braze Audit Service

We'll analyze your data sources, identify and implement quick fixes for immediate value, and evaluate how Braze utilizes your data for maximum efficiency.

Data Excellence Assessment

A streamlined audit of your Braze configuration, tags, permissions, email setup, and customer engagement trends within your Workspace(s) that delivers results.

Comprehensive Braze Platform Audit

Expert review and enhancement recommendations of your Braze Campaigns and Canvases to optimize audience targeting, content, and design for quick wins.

Campaign & Canvas Optimization
What You'll Receive:
  • Increase User Knowledge: We empower them to leverage the newly developed campaigns effectively.

  • Tailored Recommendations: Actionable advice specific to your business needs.

  • ​Improved Data Integrity: We ensure your Braze data is clean and accurate.

  • ​Enhanced Customer Engagement: Identify trends and patterns to drive better interactions and results.

  • ​Rapid Turnaround: Experience tangible improvements in only 2-3 weeks.

Elevate your Braze marketing with Covalent's collaborative development and integration approach. Our marketing and technology experts partner with your team to design and implement solutions that optimize your Braze platform. Tap into our expertise in campaign development, content card creation, Liquid scripting, and seamless data integration to transform your marketing results.

Braze Development Services

Campaign Development

Take your campaigns from concept to launch with Covalent's end-to-end support, integrating seamlessly with your team. Gain accelerated campaign creation and the knowledge to manage them confidently.

Campaign Optimization

Get on-demand support to fine-tune your Braze campaigns. Our experts will assess performance, troubleshoot issues, and help you supercharge existing campaigns for maximum results.

Content Card Development & Optimization

Deliver personalized, dynamic content experiences with our content card expertise. Drive deeper engagement and gather valuable insights.

Liquid Scripting

Craft highly personalized messages across channels using Braze's Liquid scripting language for communications that resonate with each customer.

Data Integration

Enhance your Braze platform with data from e-commerce systems, web/mobile apps, analytics tools, and more. Gain a 360-degree customer view for precise targeting and insights.

What You'll Receive:
  • Accelerated Time-to-Value: Launch campaigns faster and achieve ROI sooner.

  • Expertise & Collaboration: Tap into our deep Braze knowledge and seamless team integration.

  • Comprehensive Documentation: Receive detailed development documentation for marketing and IT teams

  • Flexibility: Get the support you need, whether it's short-term help or long-term partnership.

Unleash Braze's potential and enhance your Braze end-user experience through our dedicated advisory and support services. Get monthly, personalized support from certified marketers and digital strategists to master the platform, optimize data processes, and utilize Braze most effectively. It's like having a Braze expert on speed dial!

Braze Advisory and Support Services

Personalized Support from Certified Experts

Receive ongoing support from certified marketers and digital strategists to master the Braze platform.

Technical Guidance in Data Management and SDKs

Gain insights into optimizing your data management and integration processes for enhanced efficiency.

Expert Guidance in Campaign Creation

Craft engaging campaigns with ease backed by expert guidance to ensure impactful user engagement.

Insightful Email Deliverability Guidance

Ensure your messages reach their destination with comprehensive email deliverability analysis.

Achieve higher email deliverability across ISPs with our Deliverability and Reputation Management Services. Allow us to improve your email delivery and elevate your communication strategy, ensuring your messages land precisely where they belong – in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Email Deliverability and Reputation Management

Our experts meticulously assess your email and I.P. configurations and help dodge spam filters for optimal performance.

Thorough Configuration Assessment

Benefit from implementing industry-proven best practices in email marketing for exceptional results

Expert Best Practices Implementation

Experience heightened inbox placement, guaranteeing your audience sees your messages

Maximize Inbox Placement
As your organization ingests more data attributes into your User profiles, the consumption of your Braze data points only increases. Before you know it, you’ve surpassed the defined monthly data point consumption amount allotment as defined in your Braze contract, resulting in overages on your bill.

Census + Braze: Data Point Optimization for Purpose

​Don't let unexpected data point consumption drain your budget. Do you suffer from any of the following: 

Inefficient data updates: Ingesting full records instead of only changed data.

Technical limitations: Lack of resources or knowledge to optimize data syncs

Campaign design flaws: Best practices not leveraged for maximum efficiency.

Misconfigured Braze components: Settings may be increasing data consumption unnecessarily.

Unused data: Collecting data that serves no marketing purpose in Braze.

Data Point Optimization
Maximize Braze Efficiency

Assess your marketing data to identify and streamline essential data points.

Align Data with Strategy

Ensure data collection supports your strategic marketing goals.

Optimize Census Configuration

Implement Census settings that minimize data point consumption.

Refine Segmentation Logic

Maximize campaign targeting accuracy and reduce unnecessary data usage.

Our consultants can help you with:

Data Governance & Collaboration
Establish Data Standards

Create guidelines for data quality, consistency, and compliance.

Bridge Marketing & IT

Serve as a strategic liaison to translate data needs and optimize collaboration.

Juggling a new tool like Census alongside Braze can be overwhelming, especially without dedicated MarTech expertise. Internal IT teams, often stretched thin, may lack the specialized knowledge to quickly resolve issues, delaying your marketing campaigns.

Census On-Going Support Services

Covalent Marketing consultant bridges the gap with deep Census expertise. We help you rapidly troubleshoot and resolve common challenges, including:


Data Anomalies

We pinpoint the root cause of inaccurate or unexpected data in your Braze profiles.


Segmentation Issues

Ensure Census segments accurately align with your Braze targeting needs.


Sync Failures

Investigate and address unexpected sync errors to maintain seamless data flow.


Proactive Troubleshooting

Resolve data synchronization issues swiftly.


Expert Log Analysis

Identify and address the root causes of data discrepancies


Swift Support Triage

Prioritize and manage Census support inquiries effectively.

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