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Hear directly from our team of marketing consultants on best practices and lessons learned from working with leading clients

5 Ways to Enhance Your Braze Skills Post Certification

Aced your Braze certification? Don't stop there! Learn advanced concepts, tackle real use-cases and solidify your expertise with these tips.

Case Study: Retailer's Braze Makeover - 30 Days to Success

Struggling with Braze for optimal results? Discover how Covalent helped a retailer fix segmentation, optimize workflows & boost engagement.

Emergence of the Bodiless CDP

Struggling with customer data? Bodiless CDPs offer the power & flexibility you need for a unified view. Unlock growth & innovation today!

Marketing in the Moment: Unlock the Secrets to Effective Real-time Marketing

Discover "Marketing in the Moment" & unlock real-time personalization to win customers & drive results.

Exploring Braze's Recent Advancements: Enhancing the Customer Experience and Data Hygiene

Braze enhances customer experience with new features: data hygiene tools, Quick Push messaging, tone control for AI, Dynamic Content Cards

Selecting the Right Marketing Automation Partner: Why Braze Leads the Pack

Choosing Braze for marketing automation is essential, providing omnichannel mastery, real-time agility, AI integration, and customer-centric

Braze Easter Egg Hunt: Find the Features You Didn't Know You Needed

Ready for a Braze Easter egg hunt? Dive into the Braze platform with us and uncover hidden gems that'll supercharge your marketing game!

Exploring Braze's Recent Advancements: Unsubscribe, Data Sync, and More

key new features and enhancements in the Feb and Mar 2024 release. This includes One Click Unsubs, Sync-Trigger API for CDI, Email Address c

Braze Data Integration: 6 Methods for Personalized Marketing

This guide details data integration methods for Braze, helping both new and existing users desiring enhanced data-driven customer engagement

Case Study: Transforming Customer Engagement and Revenue Growth with Braze

A major retailer faced the challenge of optimizing its customer engagement in order to maintain their competitiveness against the big-box...

Four Braze Features You Shouldn’t Sleep On

Let's talk about four important braze features: Link Aliasing, Email Insights, Deliverability Center and BBC option for record-keeping.

Better Together – Braze and Census

Braze and Census team up, merging marketing automation and data management for impactful personalized campaigns with seamless data sync

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