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Our passion thrives on your success.

Who We Are

At Covalent Marketing, we don't refer to ourselves merely as marketing and technology enthusiasts, but as people who have worked hard to become the go-to experts in our field. Being able to offer innovative and practical solutions when it comes to marketing planning, process, and technology, you won't find a more qualified team of individuals or a more enjoyable group of people to collaborate with.

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What Defines Our Employees

  • Intelligence, curiosity, and love of being part of a family that works harder than everyone else.

  • Willingness to take the time to experiment, make mistakes, and continuously evolve to improve themselves and the company.

  • Courage to tackle challenges, friction, and ambiguity to understand facts first with empathy and an open mind.

  • Demonstrating high standards of integrity and respect while working with each other, our customers, and our partners.

  • People who don't just do things just because that’s the way they’ve always been done.

  • Willingness to introduce healthy conflict for the sake of transformational change.

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Our Ideology - The Covalent Marketing Way

We shall center everything we do around our customers; intently listening to them; and conduct business together on their terms. In exchange for their business, we must continuously pursue activities and services around the application of advanced technologies to improve the lives of people who engage with their consumers. And we will do whatever is right by the customer to ensure their experience is valuable and memorable.

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Our Mission:

We strive to evolve the way our customers manage and deliver personalized customer interactions to achieve their business goals.


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Do you consider problem solving in marketing and technology to be a second language? Are you the go-to person when a concept needs to be explained? Or maybe you're seeking a group of individuals with an intellectual curiosity that matches your own. At Covalent Marketing, the possibilities of fulfilling these desires while achieving your professional goals are truly endless.


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