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Enable powerful real-time engagement to reach your customer centric goals

Braze Services Designed to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

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Covalent aligns deep data, process, and technology knowledge with the strength of the Braze platform. This brings your organization best-in-class customer interactions to drive customer engagement and increase transactions at scale.

We offer services for all phases of the Braze journey, from beginners to long-time users. 

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Improving Data Quality and Optimization

  • Start with a deep dive into your inbound data sources, including SDKs, REST APIs, data warehouses, and third-party processes. 

  • Identify any data quality issues such as duplicate profiles, redundant data, and misspelled email domains.

  • Evaluate data point usage by app group, inbound source, attributes, and events to identify anomalies.

  • Analyze segment logic to uncover any conflicts or inconsistencies. 

The result? Actionable recommendations for optimizing your data.

Enhancing Configuration for Success

  • Complete workspace audit of all Braze app groups including tag hierarchy and usage, Dashboard Users, and Team permissions.

  • Review sending domain configurations and DNS health, reply management, and opt-out processes.

  • In-depth analysis of customer engagement by ISP and trends like human and machine-driven opens.

  • Assistance setting up Google and Microsoft deliverability dashboards and implementing global authentication methods (DMARC and BIMI!).

The result? Practical recommendations tailored to your unique business needs.

Maximizing the Impact of Marketing Campaigns

  • Review and provide up-to-date documentation of key Campaigns and Canvases. 

  • Identify audience logic conflicts and provide testing guidance for complex Campaigns and Canvases.

  • Find opportunities for content optimization, such as content blocks, Liquid personalization, and Connected Content.

  • Identify ways to incorporate emerging Braze features and capabilities into existing marketing programs.

The result? Revitalized campaigns leveraging the latest Braze features for optimal customer engagement.

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