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Exploring Braze's Recent Advancements: Enhancing the Customer Experience and Data Hygiene

One of the things that we love about Braze is that they’re constantly improving their marketing platform. Never resting, always innovating. To keep you from being “Brazed and Confused,” we want to highlight a few new features and functions that were recently released.

typewriter with a paper displaying the message Braze Update

Data Enrichments

Any database marketer worth their weight can tell you that data hygiene is a critical piece of a successful marketing automation operation. In an effort to help support Braze practitioners with their ongoing data maintenance activities Braze has empowered them to both find and remove duplicate profiles. Now you can now generate your own duplicate user reports (no need to call Support) and then you can remove the dups, in bulk no less, without having to call on IT/Engineering to help.

Additionally, Braze has added Amazon S3 buckets to their existing list of available cloud data source (Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, and Databricks).

Braze System Configuration Improvements

Excitedly, Braze has promoted the Early Access (EA) Quick Push feature to full General Availability (GA). This is a great feature that allows you to create unified push messages across platforms/devices in a single message configuration area. This should really help uses streamline their development process.

Recognizing there are those of you who have greater compliance regulations, Braze has added Google Cloud Storage (GCS) as an option for message archiving in addition to the existing Azure Blob and Amazon S3 options. Once you configure GCS as an export target you can send .gzip JSON archive files of your past campaigns.

User Experience Enhancements

Adding to their catalog of AI features, Braze has added a tone control drop down pick list to accompany the language and length copy generation parameters. What’s great is that they have included 10 different tones you can choose from:

  1. Casual

  2. Exciting

  3. Eye-Catching

  4. Formal

  5. Passive

  6. Personal

  7. Professional

  8. Sophisticated

  9. Straight Forward

  10. Urgent

For those Braze practitioners who develop big canvases with lots of potential paths, tracking quality assurance can be difficult. The good news is that Braze has released a new “Preview as a User” feature that can help. You can either choose a specific, or random, user and run a test to see what their anticipated pathing will be if the Canvas were live. It provides a visual accounting highlighting which boxes it goes through in a green highlight, as well as a result set on the left side which even includes some potential issues that could arise as designated by the orange circles.

screenshot of braze feature preview as user

Customer Experience

Not all the enhancements this month are for the Braze practitioners, there are some for the end customers who receive the messages too. Upon the initial success of their Dynamic Content Card feature, Braze has expanded it beyond Campaigns to also be available in Canvases. What is great about this is you can now message users right away without having to wait for them to qualify for the campaign. In near real-time you can encourage them to whatever call-to-action you want.

Lastly, on the heels of the new iOS release, there is a ‘Push to Start Live Activities’ feature. This is an amazing way to communicate with the users without them having to open their app or constantly opting in to a litany of events. We do caution that it does take a little finesse to implement, but with the right use case it’s more than worth it.

Which of these new features are you most excited to use? If you want to learn more about anything Braze related feel free to drop us a note.


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