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  • Jessica Ramirez

5 Ways to Enhance Your Braze Skills Post Certification

Updated: 5 days ago

Congratulations! You aced the Braze certification exam, proving your knowledge in this industry leading customer engagement platform. But consider this just the beginning. The marketing world is ever-changing, and staying ahead of the curve demands continuous learning. Here are 5 ways to unlock your full potential towards becoming a Braze master:

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1. Dive Deeper: Explore Advanced Concepts

Braze offers a rich toolkit beyond the basics. Conquer advanced features like Liquid, Segment Extensions and Connected Content. Here are some examples of where these advanced features might come into play:

  • Liquid: This powerful templating language allows you to personalize messages at scale. Imagine crafting dynamic content that automatically inserts a customer's name, purchase history, or preferred products – all within the Braze platform. Mastering Liquid unlocks a whole new level of targeted and engaging communication.

  • Segment Extensions: Braze allows you to go beyond pre-built segments and tailor your audience targeting with pinpoint accuracy. Want to target users who downloaded your app, but never logged in to it? Segment Extensions empower you to create these highly specific audience segments, ensuring your campaigns reach the right people at the right time.

  • Connected Content: Deliver seamless, multi-channel experiences with Connected Content. Imagine a scenario where a customer abandons their cart on your website. Braze can trigger a push notification reminding them of the abandoned items, and then automatically send a follow-up email with a discount code. This creates a cohesive customer journey across different channels.

2. Power up: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Theory is essential, but practical application truly cements your knowledge. Do not shy away from projects that push your comfort zone. Embrace the "learning by doing" philosophy championed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Here are some ideas:

  • Craft a Multi-Channel Welcome Series: Design a personalized welcome campaign that uses email, push notifications, and in-app messages to greet new users, introduce your brand, and guide them through the onboarding process.

  • Implement a Re-Engagement Campaign: Develop a data-driven campaign to win back inactive users. Utilize Braze's segmentation capabilities to identify dormant users and craft targeted messages that rekindle their interest.

3. Seek Feedback: Find Your Soft Spots

Partner with fellow Braze users in your departments and request peer reviews of your Braze campaigns. Having a fresh pair of eyes look over your work is always a welcomed action. Their differing perspective and insights can unveil blind spots and elevate your overall Braze mastery.

4. Live Learning: Attend Training and Conferences

Expand your Braze knowledge and gain practical insights by attending live training sessions and fantastic events like Forge. Braze offers a comprehensive library of live training sessions that dive deeper into specific Braze functionalities that include segmentation, SMS messaging, Canvas Flow and more.

5. Teach Others: Share Your Knowledge

Do not underestimate the power of teaching! Sharing your Braze knowledge through mentoring new team members, conducting internal workshops, or contributing to industry blogs will not only solidify your own understanding but also expose you to fresh perspectives and potentially new use cases as you guide others.


Keep learning, keep Brazing! These practices will put you on the fast track to Braze mastery, but remember the marketing world is constantly changing. Stay curious, keep exploring new features, and never stop sharpening your skills.


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