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Exploring Braze's Recent Advancements: Data Enhancement Strategies and New Marketer Tools

One of the things that we love about Braze is that they’re constantly improving their marketing solution. Never resting, always innovating. To keep you from being “Brazed and Confused,” we want to highlight a few new features and functions that were released while you were enjoying your turkey leftovers.

Braze is what it is, and does what it does, because of its ability to capitalize on user data and attributes. Knowing this, Braze has worked hard to make the data import process even easier for marketers of all skillsets. Most recently you’ll find they’ve:

  1. Enhanced Error Reporting: There’s a new CDI Sync Log page to highlight the exact row causing any data quality issue. No more hunting for a needle in a haystack, as it clearly shows the erroneous data records.

  2. Enabled Cloud Data Ingestion (CDI) API Triggers: Often, marketing data updates are at the mercy of larger enterprise updates. Given the variability in those processes to finish, CDI can now be initiated via an API trigger. This is a much more efficient way to get your data into Braze.

  3. Added Surrogate Key Bypass: When updating data, the need for an arbitrary system generated data key (aka surrogate key) has been removed and you can now directly update user attributes, events, and such, from their natural IDs (i.e. Emails and Phone Numbers). Just add an email and/or phone number column to the CDI syncs.

In addition to the data updates, once you’re in the tool, you’ll discover a few new fun things to enhance your marketing.

  1. Connectors for Testing Currents: New connectors for testing Currents are available, and they’re awesome! You can now ‘try before you buy’ with an unlimited number of connectors, but you are limited to 10,000 events across your connectors in a rolling 30- day window. Because Currents offers the most granular set of data in real-time, we find it’s a must-have for any marketing organization serious about its growth.

  2. User Sign-ups and Marketing: New in-app templates are available for capturing email or phone numbers, and then adding them to the subscription group of your choosing. Also, we appreciate how Braze thought ahead on this one. While anticipating the influx of SMS viable users you’ll receive thanks to the new templates, they also released an SMS double opt-in workflow. This automated double opt-in journey will help you maintain SMS regulatory compliance as well as implement marketing best practices.

  3. Feature Flags: Feature flags are a cool, new admin feature that allows you to enable or disable a particular set of features for specific user groups. This is great if you’re looking to test something out before releasing it to your full team of users.

There’s always something new around the corner at Braze. We’re looking forward to seeing what new surprises they have in store for us to close out 2023!


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