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Discover the power of

 Marketing in the Moment

We are a DATA + BRAZE + MARTECH consultancy supporting any stage of your customer engagement journey.
Seamlessly integrate your siloed data into a single, actionable platform for real-time insights and personalized marketing campaigns. 
Drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue with precision-targeted messages delivered across every channel. Experience the difference of Covalent Marketing and elevate your brand's impact today.

​Services Overview

I am here because I am...

...Learning about Braze

Ditch your outdated marketing platform and discover the power of personalized customer engagement with Braze.

...New to Braze

Simplify your Braze onboarding and achieve rapid success with our tailored, goal-oriented approach.

...Struggling with Braze

Accelerate your Braze success and overcome common challenges with our comprehensive audit, development, support and deliverability services.

...Wanting to do more with Braze

Grow with Braze and unlock customer journeys, new channels, or advanced capabilities with our expert guidance.

What is Marketing in the Moment?

Together, We Produce Results


Weekly Incremental Revenue

Over $198k

Incremental Revenue from a single campaign


of Households increased Loyalty Status

Within 30 days

Delivered 6 impactful Braze optimizations

Braze Insights and Thought Leadership

Home to many of the most valuable martech experts in the industry, we have a lot to share about the successful solutions we created for clients and clever know-how using Braze. Here are our most recent insights, but we have much more for you to explore

Check out our latest post!

Jasper Hortillano

Don't Shoot the Messenger: Integrating Braze and Facebook Part 2

Get Insights to Your Inbox

Exploring Braze's Recent Advancements: Customer Data, AI, and Feature Flags
Braze-to-Braze Webhooks – Game On!
Exploring Braze's Recent Advancements: Features for Marketers, Data Managers, and Admins

Why Work with Covalent

Seamlessly integrating your customer data, Braze, and technology ecosystem.

Tailored Strategic Solutions

Being relevant and surpassing your competitors with Braze’s latest innovations.

Stay Ahead in MarTech

Achieving strategic excellence and seamlessly aligning marketing efforts with your business goals.

Guidance for Maximum Impact

Resources with proven track records delivering exceptional results.

Expertise at Your Service

Building lasting partnerships with a dedicated focus on your team’s goals.

Customer-Centric Partnership

Creating an ecosystem where technology, strategy, and your brand's vision converge.

Holistic Growth, Extraordinary Value

Ready to revolutionize your marketing journey? Embrace the power of partnership with Covalent Marketing. Contact us today to embark on an unparalleled success with Braze!

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