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Case Study: Transforming Customer Engagement and Revenue Growth with Braze

A major retailer faced the challenge of optimizing its customer engagement in order to maintain their competitiveness against the big-box retail stores. Constrained by the fact that they can only market their goods and services to members of the U.S. Armed Forces, retirees, and their families every interaction counted that much more. Unfortunately, their existing marketing technology lacked the efficiency and personalization tools needed to adequately engage their diverse customer base effectively.

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Solution and Approach:

To address these challenges, the retailer embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance their marketing prowess. They chose Braze, a leading customer engagement platform, to anchor their transformation. Collaborating with Covalent Marketing’s implementation specialists, they migrated their marketing operations to Braze, which meant coordinating across four business units and re-establishing over 50 active email, SMS, and mobile campaigns.

Learning from past experiences, they enhanced their capabilities further by leveraging complementary technology partners Census and Movable Ink.

By streamlining data integration and activation with Census, they unlocked the full potential of Braze enabling access to robust customer and offer data. Then incorporating advanced features like gamification, dynamic content, and real-time product promotion updates from Movable Ink allows them to achieve a greater level of personalization.

To ensure the project’s success it unfolded over a series of strategic phases. Phase One prioritized email campaigns emphasizing data management and IP warming. Phase Two saw the introduction of SMS promotions, with meticulous attention to onboarding, carrier approval, and launch readiness and support. Finally, Phase Three marked a pivotal shift towards dynamic, personalized customer journeys, laying the groundwork for more focused value and customer engagement.


The outcome was transformative. With Braze, Census, and Movable Ink as a trusted partner ecosystem, the retailer now delivers tailored customer experiences at scale, driving meaningful results, and fostering deeper connections. Just in their revamped “Welcome Series” campaign they achieved:

  • Real-time email offers triggered by online account creation

  • Weekly revenue increase of 2-2.5x

  • A remarkable 1-second execution time

  • Full 100% automation of the process


This case study underscores the importance of leveraging technology and strategic partnerships to drive continuous innovation in marketing efforts. Through the seamless deployment of Braze and collaborative efforts with Movable Ink and Census, the retailer achieved remarkable results, including a substantial revenue increase and streamlined automation processes.


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