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Case Study: Retailer's Braze Makeover - 30 Days to Success

Updated: 5 days ago

Streamlining Operations and Maximizing Impact Through Strategic Braze Optimization

The Challenges

A specialty online retailer, found itself at a critical juncture despite having utilized the Braze platform for a year. The marketing team, tasked with driving campaign effectiveness and customer engagement, faced a series of challenges hindering their efforts. Faulty segmentation logic plagued critical campaigns, leading to messages being misdirected or overlooked by the intended audience.

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Additionally, suboptimal configuration settings within Braze hindered the platform's performance and capabilities, impacting the team's ability to harness its full potential. These issues were compounded by deliverability challenges with email messages, particularly through mid-tier ESPs, resulting in delays and discrepancies in communication with customers.

The overarching goal for the retailer's marketing team was clear: to optimize campaign development, testing, and execution processes to enhance customer engagement and drive revenue growth. However, achieving this goal seemed elusive given the persistent challenges they faced with Braze.

Their objective in seeking a strategic partner was twofold: 1) to rectify existing issues hindering campaign effectiveness, and 2) to enhance the team's capabilities in leveraging Braze for optimal results. Thus, the engagement sought to address these specific pain points by implementing targeted solutions within a 30-day timeframe, aiming to streamline operations, improve precision in audience targeting, and ultimately boost the impact of the retailer's marketing initiatives.

Our Approach

The Covalent team quickly identified the root causes of the retailer's challenges with Braze. The faulty segmentation logic was a significant roadblock, as it directly impacted the effectiveness of critical campaigns. This required a deep dive into the retailer's data architecture and campaign setup to understand the complexities of their segmentation rules.

Surprisingly, the suboptimal configuration settings within Braze had been overlooked during the initial onboarding process. It was clear that rectifying these settings would be crucial for optimizing the platform's performance and capabilities. Furthermore, the deliverability challenges with email messages via mid-tier ESPs presented an unexpected hurdle, requiring us to devise innovative solutions to ensure consistent delivery and improve overall performance.

To address these challenges, the Covalent team developed a comprehensive solution tailored to the retailer's specific needs.

  1. Optimized Segmentation Logic: rectified faulty segmentation logic to optimize critical campaigns, ensuring that the retailer's messages reached the right audience with precision.

  2. Data Restructuring and Workspace Introduction: restructured Braze data attributes and introduced new Workspaces tailored to various lines of business, facilitating better organization and management of data and campaigns.

  3. Established QA Campaign Procedure: established systematic and replicable QA campaign procedure to eliminate issues before deployment, ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the retailer's campaigns.

  4. Addressed Deliverability Challenges: detected and addressed deliverability challenges, including delays and discrepancies in email messages via mid-tier ESPs - implementation of campaign throttling ensured consistent delivery and improved overall performance.

  5. Rectified Configuration Settings: mended a few configuration settings that were overlooked during the initial Braze onboarding services, which optimized the platform's performance and capabilities.

  6. Workforce Augmentation: augmented the retailer's workforce to bolster support for campaign development and execution, ensuring efficient utilization of Braze resources.

Through a combination of strategic solutioning, innovative thinking, and collaborative effort, we successfully addressed the retailer's challenges with Braze within the 30-day engagement period.

The chosen solutions not only rectified existing issues but also set a strong foundation for continued growth and success in their marketing initiatives. By leveraging our expertise and implementing tailored solutions, the retailer was able to optimize their campaign development and execution processes, ultimately driving enhanced customer engagement and revenue growth.

The Results

Following the implementation of targeted solutions within the 30-day engagement period, the retailer experienced tangible improvements across key areas. The optimization of segmentation logic led to a significant increase in campaign effectiveness, with messages now reaching the right audience with precision, resulting in higher open rates, click-through rates, and improved conversion rates.

Simultaneously, restructuring Braze data attributes and introducing tailored Workspaces facilitated better organization and management of data and campaigns, leading to improved operational efficiency and streamlined workflows for the marketing team. Additionally, addressing deliverability challenges through the implementation of campaign throttling not only improved the consistency of email message delivery but also enhanced overall performance and reliability of communication with customers.

Overall, these positive outcomes underscore the success of the retailer's partnership with our team and the effectiveness of the strategic solutions implemented to enhance their campaign development and execution processes.


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