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  • Jasper Hortillano

Double Trouble, No More! Make Your Braze Doppelgangers Disappear

Updated: Feb 1

If you’ve ever dealt with data, you know one of the greatest headaches is the fact that it’s nearly impossible to avoid creating duplicate records. Once you start combining, joining, integrating, aligning – any of the -ing words – you run the risk of creating a dupe.

Braze is no different. Being a modern marketing automation platform makes it easy to source meaningful customer-centric data from many different channels. Be it via Web SDK, Reverse ETL processes, CDP partner connectors, and real-time APIs, the skies the limit. Unfortunately, with these options comes the negative introduction of duplicate records representing a single user within Braze. Data hygiene is a major player in successful segmentation and efficient targeting so remediating those duplicate records is very important. The last thing you want to do is max out contact fatigue by sending email campaigns and or the same content card multiple times to the same person.

So how do you manage duped user records in Braze? We’ll show you how in our latest video. It’s so easy, your team will think it’s magic!


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