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Enabling Real-Time Marketing for a Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

Updated: Apr 26, 2023


With the changing landscape of the health insurance industry, a Fortune 100 health insurance company looked to modernize their marketing efforts and become more consumer-centric by better personalizing the experiences of their members. In order to achieve this goal, they partnered with Covalent Marketing to design and implement a solution.

Covalent Marketing observed that the organization was missing opportunities for conversion and increased revenue by ignoring their inbound channels. Via the web, nearly all authenticated members were presented with the same promotional messages. Overall, processes and technologies were not sufficiently developed nor aligned between marketing and IT to support an engaging customer experience.



The first step was to build a proof of concept, test it, and then scale to other inbound channels. Covalent Marketing focused on implementing real-time engagement on the company’s secured website for members. The team approached the implementation with two primary goals:

1. Align the Business to Enhance Customer Experience

In order to enhance customer experience, Covalent Marketing brought disparate lines of business together to develop a unified, real-time marketing strategy. Together, they designed a set of use cases for specific personas which mapped to the customer lifecycle. They then built contextually relevant offers and prioritized them to maximize the engagement opportunities.

At a high level, these use cases were identified as:

  • Medicare age-in offer: Targeting members eligible to enroll in Medicare aged 64.75 to 65.25 years old.

  • Medicare dental offer: Targeting members eligible for dental plan enrollment.

  • Multiple offers for mail-order pharmacy enrollment: Targeting members eligible for mail-order pharmacy enrollment programs who were already targeted by three separate outbound campaigns.

  • Default offer: Targeting members not qualified to receive other offers. This default offer also displayed in case of system down.

2. Implement Real-Time Marketing Personalization Solution

Covalent Marketing developed a scalable change management and education program founded on the Marketing Mastery methodology. This custom Mastery program was designed to help the organization’s marketing team implement the new processes and learn three new The program consisted of multiple educational tactics and vehicles, as well as a scalable change management program to ensure continued results.

The first step was to identify the capabilities that the marketing department would need to learn. Covalent Marketing created a rubric outlining expected competencies for process and technology. Then, individual matrices were built which detailed the capabilities that both marketing and technology roles would need to master. Below is one example of how a mastery matrix is focused for change management purposed for specific roles.

Next, Covalent Marketing built role-based educational materials to provide each team member with guidance to master the information relevant to their role. These materials included click-by-click software guides, short instructional videos covering specific software functionality, guides on the re-shaped marketing process, and information on how to complete their specific tasks.

In addition, Mastery management documentation was built to allow team leads to continually monitor their team members’ level of Mastery achievement. This not only facilitated the ability to measure the success of change adoption, but also created a system to reward those who adopted the new process.

Finally, Covalent Marketing delivered role-based classroom learning sessions and one-on-one desk-side coaching. This level of support helped build the confidence and competence needed to continue achieving individual Mastery.ovalent Marketing educated business end-users on the capabilities, configuration, and testing methodologies. To enable marketers to target customers with business rules, the team identified a data set comprised of profile attributes which allowed Unica Interact to mirror existing Unica Campaign targeting. These new attributes were designed to scale in the future for mirroring additional campaigns. In addition, Covalent Marketing designed the solution to capture Interact contact history and response history to support a 360-degree customer view. More knowledge of member behavior and preference enables contact optimization, which improves customer experience.



Enabling real-time marketing provides the following benefits to the organization:

  • Improves customer experience by:

    • Personalizing interactions with members

    • Allowing for contact optimization by capturing knowledge of member behavior and preferences

    • Increasing cross-functional collaboration

    • Creating new engagement opportunities for the organization

  • Positions the marketing organization to quickly expand the solution to additional channels and touchpoints (including additional web pages, email, mobile apps, call center, etc.) into an Omni Channel/Interaction model.

  • Expands existing campaign reach to include inbound interactions.

  • Empowers the business to manage real-time marketing interactions without IT involvement.

  • Supplies an understanding of the capabilities of the solution and the organizational transformation that is required to support a customer-centric focus.


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