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Successful Change Management and Marketing Technology Adoption for a Fortune 100 Healthcare Company

Updated: Apr 12, 2023


A healthcare company’s marketing strategy to optimize customer experience required enhancements in both their overall marketing process and the capabilities of their marketing technology platform. The company decided to migrate to a modernized marketing technology stack that offered omnichannel campaign management, real time decisions, and marketing process management to support their strategy. Due to the marketing transformation and process enhancements, the organization needed a scalable change management and education program to achieve ROI from the new software and processes.


Covalent Marketing developed a scalable change management and education program founded on the Marketing Mastery methodology. This custom Mastery program was designed to help the organization’s marketing team implement the new processes and learn their new software tools. The program consisted of multiple educational tactics and vehicles, as well as a scalable change management program to ensure continued results.

The first step was to identify the capabilities that the marketing department would need to learn. Covalent Marketing created a rubric outlining expected competencies for process and technology. Then, individual matrices were built which detailed the capabilities that both marketing and technology roles would need to master. Below is one example of how a mastery matrix is focused for change management purposed for specific roles.

Next, Covalent Marketing built role-based educational materials to provide each team member with guidance to master the information relevant to their role. These materials included click-by-click software guides, short instructional videos covering specific software functionality, guides on the re-shaped marketing process, and information on how to complete their specific tasks.

In addition, Mastery management documentation was built to allow team leads to continually monitor their team members’ level of Mastery achievement. This not only facilitated the ability to measure the success of change adoption, but also created a system to reward those who adopted the new process.

Finally, Covalent Marketing delivered role-based classroom learning sessions and one-on-one desk-side coaching. This level of support helped build the confidence and competence needed to continue achieving individual Mastery.


Benefits continually achieved from the Mastery Program include:

  • Both business and technology capabilities are clearly defined

  • Capabilities broken down into simple, consumable parts that are easy to learn

  • Identified and built champions of change within the organization to help others adopt the process

  • Sustainable and scalable program that allows for agility to meet the changing needs of the business

  • Role based education enabled users to quickly learn new tool functionality, increasing speed of flowchart development from 24 weeks to 2 weeks

  • Defined levels of achievement and a method to track individual and team progress

  • Continuous results from self-sustaining program

Marketing quickly changes, as does the marketing software industry. Creating a foundational program with agile elements that compliment new capabilities is the foundation of Mastery. With Mastery in place, our client is confident working with their IBM Marketing Software and their improved processes. They also understand the importance of a scalable, self-monitoring change management and education program.


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