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Exploring Braze's Recent Advancements: Customer Data, AI, and Feature Flags

One of the things we love about Braze is their commitment to always adding and improving features. They’re never resting, always innovating. To keep you from being “Brazed and Confused,” we want to highlight some newly released features.

This month’s update was reminiscent of the classroom and has a bit of a 'Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic' feel to it.

Image of a typewriter with Braze Update typed out on a white paper.

Reading – Ingesting Customer Profile Data in New Ways

SMS and WhatsApp Inbound Information: In today's data-driven world, first-and zero-party data is priceless. Braze now offers more ways to gather these crucial attributes. You can now ingest inbound preference information directly into your Braze profile database and/or distribute it to third-party vendors (e.g., CRM systems). It can then be seamlessly integrated into your Canvas flow and collected via SMS and WhatsApp channels. Instead of overwhelming customers with a million preference questions all at once, you can now break them down into smaller, manageable interactions through familiar channels that encourage quick responses.

Writing – Enhancing AI Copywriting Assistance with Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines: A few months ago, Braze introduced the ability to select various copy style tones (e.g., casual, eye-catching, urgent) for AI-generated content. Building on this, Braze now allows you to integrate your own unique brand guidelines. By defining your brand's "personality," you can maintain a consistent voice and tone across all digital marketing content. Plus, you can still tailor the tone of any individual messages with the tone selector.

Screenshot of the Braze AI Style Guidelines

Check out this post to learn more about the different AI writing tones available.

Arithmetic – Creating More Feature Flag Options

Feature Flag Enhancement: When leveraging Feature Flags, for things like A/B user experience testing, throttling functionality roll outs, gated content, etc., you now have more property types to leverage. In addition to the existing data types (Boolean, Number, and String), Braze’s Feature Flags now support Image, JSON, and Timestamp elements. This expanded functionality provides your product managers with even more tools to enhance your brands’ mobile/web app experience!

Friendly PSA Reminder:

Google deprecated one of its Firebase APIs on June 20, 2024. To continue sending Android push notifications, you must migrate to the new API by uploading a new Firebase service account credential file in Braze. A single-click button is available to "Test Credentials." If you haven't done this already, we recommend you do it ASAP.

Which of these new features are you most excited to use? If you want to learn more about the complex world of Feature Flags, or anything Braze related, feel free to


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