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Exploring Braze's Recent Advancements: Features for Marketers, Data Managers, and Admins

Updated: Jul 2

One of the things that we love about Braze is their constant drive to improve their marketing platform. They’re never resting, always innovating. To keep you from being “Brazed and Confused,” we want to highlight a few new features and functions that were recently released that we think are particularly cool.

This time, they waited until the end of the month to release their new features so it’s almost like a two-for-one deal with how many things that are being rolled out!

Image of a typewriter with Braze Update typed out on a white paper.

Development for Campaign/Canvas Builders

For those of you who are hands-on users of the tool - making segments, developing personalization, and sending communications - here are four new capabilities that we though were particularly interesting:

1.) Enhanced AI-Powered Copy Generation: As marketers increasingly use AI for copy generation, there can be a certain cold, inhuman quality to it. Braze, always ahead of the curve, now allows you to use the Chat GPT-4.0 engine to generate push notification copy that mimics your tone and style by analyzing past messages. How cool is that?!

2.) Message Open Likelihood Filter: Not sure which channel is best to send your message to a customer? If they haven’t declared a preference, Braze has you covered with the "Message Open Likelihood" filter. This filter analyzes a customer’s past behaviors and develops a propensity score related to their likelihood of opening a message per channel. For example, you can send emails only to those with a likelihood score of 80 or more (BTW: the max score is 100).

Screenshot of Braze segment builder using the message open likelihood filter

3.) Pre-Built Marketing Segments: To streamline operations, you can now pre-build your marketing segments in your data storage platform and then port them over to Braze for use in SQL Segment Extensions. Initially, this capability is set up to receive segments exclusively from Snowflake but expect to see other data platforms (like CDPs) added in the near future.

4.) Making New Drafts of Active Campaigns: As your marketing evolves, so must your campaigns. When you’re ready to modify an active campaign, you can now save a new draft of it in parallel. This allows you to test enhancements in a safe space for quality control. Then, once satisfied, you can launch or discard the new draft.

Features for Data Managers

For those of you who are charged with keeping the data fresh and also mindful of data point usage, here are some new features for you:

1.) Reports on the Utilization of Custom Attributes/Events: As you gain more expertise with Braze, you will likely begin incorporating custom attributes and events. Nevertheless, keeping track of the purpose of each field or where it is used can be daunting. Braze now provides reports on usage that allow you to visualize where custom attributes/events are employed in Campaigns/Canvases/Segments. It is important to remember that this report does not assess your Liquid coding, so there may be certain gaps to consider during your data audits.

Screenshot of Braze usage report feature for selected custom attributes

2.) Custom Data Deletion Options: Data privacy is an increasingly important matter in our GDPR and CCPA marketing world. Braze now has a custom data deletion process that will give you, the practitioner, more control over the deletion of events and message extras in Braze’s data lake. If you opt-in, you can retain the non-PII data elements for analytical purposes. These settings can be applied globally or at a Workspace level.

3.) Enhanced Shopify Integration: For those working with Shopify, there are new event properties, catalog fields, and custom attribute data available for import. This should reduces the amount of workarounds needed to achieve some of the cool integrations you’ve been after.

Enhancements for Admins

As Administrators of Braze there can be a lot of responsibilities to juggle. To help with that burden there are some enhancements that will hopefully make life easier:

1.) Feature Flags Change Log: Braze is great at adding new capabilities for users that are commonly turned on as Feature Flags. Now you can see who is modifying the Feature Flag permissions in a change log.

2.) Role-Based Dashboard Permissions: Let’s be honest, onboarding new users and assigning permissions can sometimes be a pain. However, you can now assign permissions at the role level, saving you time and reducing potential errors. These role-based permissions can be applied across one, or many, Workspaces and assigned across different Teams. It should definitely simplify and streamline your onboarding process.

3.) Enhanced Data Field Encryption: For those seeking more data encryption, Braze has introduced an advancement with Amazon’s key management system (KMS). You can now encrypt customers’ email addresses, which will only be resolved at the time of execution, and never stored in a vulnerable state within Braze. This is particularly beneficial for highly regulated industries, and if successful, will be expanded to other PII fields like phone number.

Expanding Braze’s Global Reach

Lastly, as Braze continues to grow internationally, they’ve add more dashboard display languages. In addition to English, French, Japanese, and Korean versions, they’ve now added Spanish and Brazilian. Que bueno.

Which of these new features are you most excited to use? If you want to learn more about anything Braze related feel free to drop us a note.


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