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Cracking the Code: How AI Power Could Save Devs from Headaches

An open letter to all MarTech software vendors:

There’s no question that the recent public fascination with Large Language Models (LLM) has impacted your software development roadmaps. We believe, for the most part, it has been a positive change. The cultural acceptance of artificial intelligence (AI) is a game changer now that more marketers can truly see themselves using the AI features we’ve all been working so hard to incorporate over the last few years. We’re talking about suggested customer segmentations, recommended asset tagging keywords, and content generation capabilities, just to name a few.

However, as the official-unofficial messengers for all the in-the-trenches software users out there, we'd like to pose a challenge to you, the MarTech makers. What if you harnessed the power of AI to directly benefit software coders, developers, and administrators?

Having worked in the Marketing Automation space for almost two decades we have seen all sorts of error messages, from the good, to those that require decoder rings to even get a whiff of an idea. Now imagine if these error messages were generated by, and processed through, AI to create more meaningful and actionable error messages for the software users. Instead of getting the typical ambiguous or overly general message, the AI actually read and analyzed the error logs for you.

No more, “please talk to your administrator for more help” or “your session failed,” but instead the error messages were more insightful like:

  • I’m sorry, it appears you need write permissions in the “daily_output” folder.

  • Unfortunately your process failed because your code was erroneous. After our review it looks like you’re missing a close parenthesis. (and this could apply to any sort of code like HTML, SQL, Liquid, etc.)

  • Drats, the export job failed because your data isn’t formatted correctly. Your “Product_Name” file has a value 20 characters long, but the target field has a 18 character limit.

  • Uh oh, your organization has reached their allotted API call limit. Please try again in 3 hours.

What a wonderful world that would be, not only would it enhance the MarTech user experience, but also their productivity! Furthermore, this would also reduce the number of level 1 support tickets coming in. Seems like a win-win to us.


- All the consultants @CovalentMarketing


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