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  • Jasper Hortillano

Better Together – Braze and Census

Updated: Feb 29

At the heart of any marketing automation tool lies the lifeblood of its success: customer data. In an era where personalization is no longer a luxury but a necessity, the ability to harness and leverage your customer data is non-negotiable for marketers striving to create impactful campaigns. Enter the dynamic duo of Braze, a leading marketing automation platform, and Census, a reverse ETL powerhouse. Together, they form a solution that works as smoothly as peanut butter and jelly.

peanut butter sandwich with heart shaped jelly and raspberries

To help illustrate the smooth pairing of Braze, with its robust messaging functionality, and Census, with its data activation capabilities, it is best to examine the following scenarios:

  • Data Unification and Scalability

  • Real-time Synchronization and Savings

  • Automated and User-friendly Workflows

Marketing Data Everywhere: Data Unification and Scalability

Braze excels in delivering personalized messages, but to achieve true personalization, a unified view of customer data is crucial. Census not only seamlessly connects your disparate data sources to Braze, but it also provides you with a complete 360° view of your customers. It can achieve this via a closed-loop feedback system that can span data sources that have never spoken to each other.

Upstream data elements that required complex scripts and ETL solutions for data activation can all converge within Census. The data unification allows marketers (yes, we said marketers, not IT!) to send Braze campaigns, track performance in Census, and use the insights to refine targeting and messaging.

Data-driven marketing thrives on iteration which results in the increase of volume and complexity of customer data. Braze’ and Census’ cloud-based architecture are designed with scalability in mind, ensuring that the partnership remains effective as organizations expand.

The efficiency gained from this collaboration allows marketing teams to focus on strategy and creativity rather than getting bogged down by data management challenges.

Just in Time Marketing: Real-time Synchronization and Savings

The success of a customer engagement strategy often hinges on delivering messages at the right time. Braze and Census gracefully work together to ensure that customer data is synchronized. Forget manual CSV uploads, Census keeps your Braze profiles updated in real-time, ensuring your campaigns are always based on the freshest insights. On top of that, this marriage makes use of Census’ BrazeDiff which only syncs data attributes that changed (AKA deltas), minimizing the consumption of data points within Braze! This enables organizations to send prompt and relevant messages, whether it's a flash sale notification or a personalized product recommendation, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Help You Help Yourself: Automated and User-friendly Workflows

The integration between Braze and Census extends beyond data synchronization. It enables the creation of automated workflows that streamline marketing processes through intuitive interfaces and pre-built connectors. It's a low-lift setup that delivers high-impact results, for example; once the integration of Census with a Braze data source has been setup, Census provides advanced data segmentation capabilities that negates the need for time consuming IT data requests.

Don’t have the development resources to massage the data objects you need into Braze, have no fear! Through Census’ no-code approach, manipulating data through Census’ friendly user interface is as simple as mapping data via drop down menus and pick lists. This ensures that marketing efforts are always aligned, meaning faster time-to-value where changes in customer behavior data can trigger automated campaigns in Braze.

Braze and Census represents a significant advancement in the field of customer engagement and data management. Similar to how peanut butter and jelly enhances each other’s flavor profile within the sandwich, both leverage their platform’s strengths, allowing organizations to create unique experiences better than what their marketing systems can do individually. As the landscape of digital marketing continues to evolve, this seamless synergy positions organizations at the forefront of delivering impactful customer experiences through the unified and up-to-date understanding of their audience.


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