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Capitalizing on Customer Inaction

In today’s fast-paced marketing landscape, real-time and event-driven strategies dominate. As marketers, you’re constantly gathering data on who visited a website, filled out a form, conducted a transaction, and more. It’s these moments in a customer’s journey that are critical touchpoints your systems can “listen” for and alert you to. But what about those who didn’t respond to your previous Calls-to-Action? How do you find and market to the people who were absent?

empty shopping cart in an aisle of a warehouse

Take a moment to yourself and think, how would you build a Braze Canvas where you target those who didn’t visit your website? Any ideas? Unfortunately, you’ll be hard pressed to find an event or trigger in the Braze database representing someone not visiting your website, not downloading your app, or not making a purchase.

So, does this mean you shouldn’t market to these inactive consumers? Heck no! It’s time to use reverse logic. Instead of searching for those who didn’t take an action, you should identify and suppress those who did.

For example, imagine you have a ‘New Member Welcome’ program where two days after signing up, you send an email inviting them to download your mobile app. Now, 10 days later, you want to retarget those members who did NOT download the app. Building a filter or finding a segment that represents person’s inaction can be tricky.

One way to approach this is by leveraging a custom data field that flags the user’s profile if they downloaded the application, or noting the last time they did so. However, if you want to avoid incurring extra data point costs, you could create a segment extension using the Braze Snowflake table: USERS_BEHAVIORS_INSTALLATTRIBUTION_SHARED, to be used in a decision split.

Maybe something like this:

screen capture of the custom flag settings in Braze

While Braze offers many innovative marketing tools, achieving your desired results sometimes requires a fresh perspective. By rethinking your approach (and in this case using reverse logic), you can effectively engage with your customers in both the moments they create, as well as the moments they missed, to drive better marketing outcomes.

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